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If I farcast, does software follow me?

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If I farcast, does software follow me?
I have a very great suspicion muses follow you when you farcast, but what about other programs such as:
  1. AR Illusions
  2. behavioral psych
  3. exploits
  4. xp
  5. scorchers
  6. skillsofts
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ORCACommander ORCACommander's picture
everything the farcaster
everything the farcaster consider's yours. some programs may be contraband and filtered out on the receiving end though. AR illusions probly not since those are more of an active real time connection.
DivineWrath DivineWrath's picture
I'm pretty sure you get to
I'm pretty sure you get to keep your digital stuff after farcasting. Unless local laws says otherwise. What ever organization you work for (such as Firewall) might have ways to ensure that you keep your stuff after farcasting. Maybe they have strong influence, maybe they can disguise your software as something else, or maybe they can get your stuff in using less legal routes. In rare cases, you might have to do without your software. Kinda like how some places might have only low grade morphs, so you have to settle for less.
Xagroth Xagroth's picture
When you farcast you keep it
When you farcast you keep it all, period. You might not have access to some stuff like programs or exploits because the local mesh actively hunts for their code because it's illegal, but it's more of a "I won't decript and run this here" rather than "I lost this forever". You can also, if voluntarily using the Farcaster, select what to send and what to leave behind, for those situations when you think it's better to use a backup from before the mission started and just send the data obtained back for its analysis. Also, your backup has access to all software, blueprints, data... you had, unless you specifically prune it. Remember, what you send over when you Farcast or Backup is a single, heavily encrypted file. To selectively remove access to stuff you have, the local authorities would need to run your ego and force you to reveal what you are carrying, then delete it. Something that probably happens a lot when egonapping, btw... a max speed simulspace, your ego in there, no authorization to run anything but your senses... you will end giving up. That's why autodelete is a good program to have at hand, when death is out of the game, fates worse than death come to the table. Just pray John Wick never GMs an EP campaign.
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It really should
Most programs are going to be tiny compared to an ego and many people will want to bring their muse and other programs. I'm assuming that most farcasting businesses allow you to bring some digital "luggage" with you. Some might charge you, especially if you're taking a LOT and hogging bandwidth (even anarchists can get annoyed if you hog resources). Taking inactive stored forks or backups is definitely going to cost you a bit. As for illegal or controlled programs, think of it, again, like luggage. Depending on the policies of your destination hab and receiving station you might be allowed to keep your luggage encrypted and private or overly aggressive customs agents/thieving criminals will riffle through your stuff.