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Idiot's guide to nontypical governance?

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Idiot's guide to nontypical governance?
One of the things that leaps out at me about EP is that this is looking far less and less like any vision of a happy "Federation" or dark "Empire". Anarchy (now with nanotech!) and Scum with a Libertarian streak... sounds like interesting stuff. Will EP have some basic information about these approaches to a society in them? If not do you know of a quick n' dirty summary of their precepts for those of us that have not strayed too far from the concept of an "Alliance", "Republic", etc all... I'm likely to be the GM for my first foray into EP and I want to do these governmental approaches justice... not make the mistake of waking up and realizing everyone has a unisex uniform with an "A" on the shoulder pads.
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We do try and cover some
We do try and cover some basic info on how these new societal models work in the background section of the book. They will also get more coverage in some of the location sourcebooks to follow, which will have more space to go into more depth.

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Think Wild West
At least the idealized version. That would be the easiest way to explain it, right off. People are self-reliant and try to deal honestly with each other. What government there is either is self-organizing (we get together a governing committee ad hoc; judge and jury are rounded up from citizens with time and willingness to help out) or heavily limited (think early US Constitutionalism.) People make their livelihood and have influence based on their reputation and usefulness (which would put most elected officials today on notice...)