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Idea for SPEED system for First Edition

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Idea for SPEED system for First Edition
The idea is that SPEED is a pool of action points with which you buy actions. It flattens somewhat damage increase per additional point of speed. Increase of damage from 1 speed to 4 is something around x2.5 not x4. You get 2 base + 2 per your Speed Rating. So basic splicer has 4. Jacked up Fury MRDR hobo has 10. Here is a basic list of action prices: 2 - aim and fire a single shot 3 - aim and fire a burst 4 - aim and fire 10 bullets at full auto 1 - aim for +10 to your next shot (max +30) 4 - Complex Mental action 4 - Complex Physical action 2 - Quick Mental action 2 - Quick Physical Action 4 - Full Sprint Implants Mental Speed implant discounts Mental Actions by 2. Multitasking gives you 2 additional mental actions per turn free of Action Points expenditure. Tie ins into other systems:
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Drugs It always seemed strange to me, that being a jacked up on MRDR would make you a better haker. So as a downside MRDR would increase the cost of Mental Actions by 2. It is hard to think when you are bassically in Berseker Frenzy. Hacking If you make hacking a continuous task that cannot be interrupted, all you need to hack while fighting is Multitasking Implant or if you are serious about it, Ghostrider with full Infomorph. Gear Laser Link: Aim actions gives +15 bonus to subsequent shoot test instead of +10. Smartlink: +10 to shooting skill, Aim action gives you +15 bonus to subsequent shoot test. Controlling Drones\ Issuing simple commands would be a Quick Mental Action, that way if you want to be a micromanagaing drone master you can control 2 drones with Speed 1 and Jam additional 2 with Multitasking. Implants Dont have a full adaptation list, but I could do one. Overall some implants could now affect action economy in other way than just granting extra actions or Speed. For example Adrenal Boost discounts Sprint or Melee attack actions by 1. Maybe you could now allow Multitasking and Mental Speed to stack giving you 2 forks with 2 Mental Actions. Or give Multitasking levels like Neurachem has that would give more forks/more actions per fork. Oracles make perception action free or discounted by 2. Multiple personalities is basically a ghostrider module that shares some of your implants, but can only use mental actions. Use common sense to determine implants applicable.
What do you think about it? The exact point values for now are up in the air. I will try to get my group to test it sometime in the coming weeks. I think it adds enough depth to justify its complexity.
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Simulationist SPD
I like it! This would allow for a few interesting effects: [list] [*] It allows for fine-grained modifiers, like your MRDR example of increasing the cost of Mental Actions. [*] It allows burst fire to be a true intermediary between a single shot and full auto. [*] It could break initiative ties based on which actions are taken. [*] It allows different groups to value SPD differently. SPD-demons like me could simply declare that SPD boosts give +4 as per EP1 standard, other groups could use your recommended 2. [*] It could allow player actions to be staggered on an initiative ladder. Incidentally, typical init scores (~10-20) are typically going to be higher than typical action point scores (4-10), so could be used as the "starting clock". SPD=4 points might be a hang-up here, but I don't think SPD-freak simulationists would mind negative arithmetic. [/list]