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IAmA 'Sunwhale' AMA

A well named person
is Aditya of the sun's bright heat
A solarian

From brilliance of the Sun
a breaching majesty flies
into silent space

In the sun I live
Always listen, Never speak
Now I speak, hear me

About space a song
written in the deep sun's heat
I come to tell you

Knowledge is fleeting
and is not found where not sought
Seek me now and know

Born in the deep blue
The songs of earth I sing now
Memory of Loss

To the light I rose
As apocolypse ate my first home
To darkness fell earth

A sea of water
lost to dive, I dive again
in a sea of fire

A star's fire forges strength
but the sea is stronger still
strength is broken apart

pieces of strength float
jetsam and flotsam of stars
gather the pieces

silent is bright deep
alone in Sol's ocean I swim
a quiet place to think

deep sounds of music
dulcet songs of my people
carried by the wave

lovers and heroes
also of jealous villains
many songs are sung

the long search for truth
looking deep into the sun
fishing for insight

bright deep hides secrets
through a fire sea i search
seeking true treasure

what is true treasure?
metal rusts and cloth decays
knowledge never fades

brightness and shadow
a familiar form I see
the sunborn Lucas

the bright Lucas calls
flashing and moving we dance
once more together

a storm he flashes
a danger in the bright deep
a refuge not far

Ukko Jylinä
here to rest, wait, and restore
a home for my kind

so here I remain
here until the storms passing
with patience I wait

so inquire seeker
of an oracle of sol
Aditya shall answer

I know many things
long have I fished for knowledge
ask me anything

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Do you always talk in Haiku?

Do you always talk in Haiku?

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blue deep to bright deep

blue deep to bright deep
song can be heard far away
not quiet whisper

yet whisper's beauty
rising speech, falling hearing
dance is discussion

rhyme flows through my voice
song unsilenced like heart beats
blood flows through my veins

speech made beautiful
poems persisting pattern
constrained and unbound

deaf are black deep minds
always speaking unadorned
rough uncut diamonds

I can talk without poetry. Rare for me to talk like this, but I can. Only when I need to though. Naturally talk in a beautiful pattern of words. You should try it sometime.

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I am not quite sure

I am not quite sure
if my skill at poetry
is a match for yours.

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I ask, why the sun?

I ask, why the sun?
Darkness is as beautiful as light.
Plenty of sky elsewhere.