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I know the answer is probably "None of your business." but...

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I know the answer is probably "None of your business." but...

I'm wondering how profitable the EP release is so far. Are people actually sending in $ once they find it can be had for free? Are gamers being honorable and fair to the creators?

I like EP so far and hope it survives and succeeds, so I hope people are sending in $ for it. I was curious as to how this new experimental economic model is doing.

If the creators don't mind I'd like to ask irf they're seeing enough $ from this to make EP worth it. I hope so.

If they'd rather not say I understand that too.

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Well, actually i was
Well, actually i was wondering exactly the same thing. Of course i don't wanna know how many bucks are they exactly making... but i am really interested in knowing whether it's a success or not, if they are happy with the sales. I really like this game, i think it's really wonderfully produced and has some really strong selling points: so i wish it does not fade from view, i want it to succeed! :) Besides, judging from the number of threads on the rpg.net forums, i believe your work is quite appreciated from the community :) I was asking myself whether to buy the PDF from DriveThru or their store, wondering where would they get the most cash from :) In the end i chose DriveThru, because i wanted it to climb the top ten in that store, which i think is quite good publicity given the DriveThru's visibility. And it did actually reach #1, great! :D You guys really deserve many compliments. Releasing the book under a CC license is something so forward-minded i can barely believe it myself, and i think it's a brave and noble deed! Thank you guys for you great work! Now... GET BACK TO WORK AND RELEASE THE PRINTED BOOK AND THE SUPPLEMENTS! :D :D