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If you guys have a moment, could you go a little more into these "Hypercorps"? Many a SF game has it's "Mega-Corps"... and though I get the impression that "Hypercorps" are profit-seeking enterprises that's where their connection with the typical company ends. Given what I've seen in the technologies, social structure, and mentality of the EP universe so far I have a mental image of a somewhat different entity. Something along the lines of a small group of people, with no big corporate headquarters (outside of a protected file archive in the mesh), and rather than an extensive owned infrastructure; combines resources with other such groups for large-scale goals. Is that about right? And if that (or something like it) is the case will characters be able to have membership or even BE a Hypercorp?
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Yeah, our vision for
Yeah, our vision for hypercorps is a bit different from the traditional cyberpunk megacorp. Hypercorps are leaner, more specialized, and more likely to be decentralized/virtual. They were also the ones behind the push into space, and so survived the Fall. That said, there are still some large, megacorp-like corps. You can be a hypercorp faction character, yeah. Down the line I hope to go more into the hypercorps and delve into some of Stross's ideas of software-entity-as-corporation and stuff like that in more detail.

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