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How to stop egocasts?

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How to stop egocasts?
So I'm the big, bad Jovian Junta, and I'm going to take over a small transhuman habitat. I want to conquer it, and I don't want the inhabitants to flee by egocast. (Offsite backups are not my concern because of reasons. It's a military op, not all parts of it are going to make sense.) How do I stop their egocaster? I cannot block the neutrino signals, but I do have warships close by. The best way I've come up with is send in an agent to blow up their egocasting setup. However this is going to be tricky. I'd prefer to solve this with a surgical strike from without, one that would still leave the rest of the hab intact. How do I do this?
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My personal interpretation
My personal interpretation would be to go for the antennas / satellite dish / whatever other external coms array the hab uses. While small router chips may work for the mesh, there's no way inter hab signals are going to work without some form of heavy infrastructure, especially for something as serious and high bandwith as ego casting. A fast surgical strike against any obvious coms tower should achieve the basic goal here.
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Identify and blo.....
Identify and blo..... eliminate anything that is high-bandwidth and with high enough range to transmit egos. It should be limited to few locations. If lucky only one - the comm center.
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Well, you need to define
Well, you need to define better what is your operational objective: Do you NEED to prevent "infugees"? Or just to keep a copy of any ego that tries to escape? Or are you trying to get a certain ego you are unable to identify without some VR interrogation/ego ID? If the latter, having a look at Nine Lives, the ID Crew and other egonapping rings described in the setting. For a military op, it would be easier to set up "man in the middle" or Sniffing attacks that capture whole egos if enough time is provided to the infiltrators. If you need to avoid anyone to leave, even at the "risk" of definitive death to that ego, or even wanting to, then as mentioned you can neutralize transmission systems (cutting the cabling in the exterior of the hab would work better than blowing stuff... a series of failures over a few weeks on several farcasting facilities would serve to locate "underground" ones)... that won't block Farcasters, who are a very expensive "last ditch escape" system, however, so we need to be imaginative here. My suggestion is to generate a disrupting pulse to scramble the output signal, but that will "kill" or degrade the scaping ego, there is no way to capture and decode an ego using a Neutrino Farcaster per the rules.