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How much does a single "unit" of a chemical give?

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How much does a single "unit" of a chemical give?
I heard about this before, but I can't find a source on it. I was told that if you buy a single "unit" of a chemical(like buying liquid thermite for Moderate price), you get "just enough to fill whatever you need to fill". Like in the case of splash grenades, you'd get 10 grenades worth. Is this an actual rule, and if so, where is it, because I can't find it. And it's causing issues with me trying to figure out the cost of liquid thermite grenades. Thanks.
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I haven't seen that rule
I haven't seen that rule myself but I suppose if you want to buy only the chemical for thermite grenades I would look at the cost of them and deduct like a trvial cost for the actual grenades and the chemical would cost that. For other chemicals you just have to figure how complex it is, maybe compare with drugs and toxins and then figure out the cost yourself. The economic system of eclipse phase is very arbitrary anyway and in some ways doesn't make sense so whatever you rule will probably work.
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