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How to mod Pods?

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How to mod Pods?
Modifying a biomorph uses... [list] [*] A healing vat [*] Programming (healing vat) [*] Medicine: Nanotech or Medicine: Gene Therapy [/list] Modifying a synth uses... [list] [*] A nanofabricator [*] Programming (nanofabricator) [*] Hardware: Robotics [/list] How do you modify pods?
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Since they're cobbled
Since they're cobbled-together biomorphs with cyberbrains, like a biomorph, except that in addition to bio-, cyber-, and nanoware, you also have access to the upgrades and plugins that become available thanks to that cyberbrain.
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Your assessment for modifying
Your assessment for modifying biomorphs and synthmorphs is a bit overly simplistic. It is quite possible to work on a biomorph without a healing vat as per the rules in Transhuman. Similarly there is no actual need for a nanofabricator for modifying a synthmorph. For generating the robotic enhancement that goes into the synthmorph, sure, but the actually act of modifying the synthmorph doesn't seem to require a fabricator. As for modifying a pod, it's probably not much different from modifying a biomorph. Sure, they're assembled from parts instead of grown as a single organism and they tend to have more cybernetics than your typical biomorph but they are still biological organisms with implants. In theory you can get into some edge cases where the fact that the 'base organism' is organic might not matter and the entire operation could be handled via Hardware: Robotics (implanting a cybernetic venom gland into a cyberlimb springs to mind) but again, that could occur with a standard biomorph as well as a pod, so there's no real difference.
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Seems like the rules in 1st
Seems like the rules in 1st ed. considers Pods to be Biomorphs : "Unless otherwise noted, pods are also consid- ered biomorphs for all rules purposes” p. 142 Core Rules
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DelialFallen wrote:Seems like
DelialFallen wrote:
Seems like the rules in 1st ed. considers Pods to be Biomorphs : "Unless otherwise noted, pods are also consid- ered biomorphs for all rules purposes” p. 142 Core Rules
Correct, as far as I understood all the Pod philosophy in the game, they are "fast grown biomorphs that have cybernetic neural systems (including the brain) because that part is the most time-consuming to grow up". The part about being grown in pieces and then assembled, I assume it's because different internal organs have different growing speeds, so you have more production ("units being grown") of those that take more time to grow, so you always have a full set when the fastest grown part is ready for assembly. The brain and nervous system would require so much time (about a year or so), and the original objective of the pods was to house AGIs and LAIs, it is simply more practical to slap a cyberbrain (since if you want to place a biobrain anyway, you just go for a normal biomorph if you want cost(time)/effectiveness).