How many people live in the Echo system?

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How many people live in the Echo system?

Simply put, how many people live on Echo IV and Echo V? I'm considering running an adventure there tomorrow, and it'd be nice to know; I'd figure there'd probably be several thousand researchers on Echo V and several tens of thousands of colonists on Echo IV, though it'd be nice to know for sure, or at least read a discussion as to the accuracy of my guesses.

I'm planning on running an adventure where some exhumans come out of the Pandora Gate, massacre the Gate's base-camp, and then some of them start hunting the remaining people nearby while others egocast to Echo IV to live out the predatorial lifestyle. The PCs come in when it's discovered that the basecamp has been massacred, and Firewall dispatches the PCs since they dealt with an Exsurgent threat that originated from an Apple of Knowledge hack embedded in some of the Iktomi ruins in a previous mission, and Firewall is worried that it's more Exsurgents.

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Re: How many people live in the Echo system?

The word from designers IIRC was that exo-colonies populations are within the range of Antarctic bases.
I would go with 2-3.000 research base and perhaps 5-10.000 colonists.
It's still early exploration so restraint in colonization is advisable-who knows what dangers and situation can await the colonizing population.

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