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How many [FIELD] skills are allowed?

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How many [FIELD] skills are allowed?
I mostly only see two medical skills, four academics, four interests etc. but rarely, I have seen more. There doesn't seem to be anything that I know of in the rule books about a limit. How many [FIELD] skills are allowed?
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As many that makes sense? I
As many that makes sense? I don't know where you are getting the idea of there being limit of 2 medical, 4 academics skills, etc... You can get as many field skills as you want. Keep in mind that this game arguable has too many skills, with field skills adding more. The rule of thumb is, the more narrow a field skill is, the more depth of knowledge you have on the topic. However, try not to make a field skill so narrow that it'll never get used. The sample field skills in the core rulebook should be good for most gaming groups.
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CP limit?
I'd personally call the limit just how many CP or RP you have to spend on them. I think the numbers you're getting are only because the default character sheets have room for so much.