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How to make different habitats feel really different

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How to make different habitats feel really different
Hello! I think the topic name is pretty self-explanatory... But my problem actually is when my PC group are travelling across the solar system I just tell them the same stores o whatever, I use the sourcebooks and I tell them there is "Vat City"(Extropia) or "Rook Town" (Locus). But there is no new feeling of a new city, they look to them (with good reason) the same. I just know to make different Mars from Titan, but its pretty obvious. Among different habitats of the same faction (Autonomist Alliance) seems pretty difficult. How can we make them feel really different? Thanks in advance!
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For Locus I think couching it
For Locus I think couching it's uniqueness in it's weird and pretty unique shape helps. Locus is extremely open, with long sight lines in every direction, and it's big enough that you can see the colorful city spread out in all directions for kilometers. A breathtaking and disorienting sight. On the other hand, Extropia is a beehive, a maze of tunnels in rock, it's the opposite, every space is small and isolated feeling except for a few large chambers. If the local "geography" isn't helping, the buildings can still look very different to help.