How to Handle Muses?

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How to Handle Muses?

I don't see any other discussion about this, so it may be dead simple and I'm just missing it: how do you handle muses?

My question is kind of two-fold.
1. Where in the Singularity program do you configure a character's muse? I see it in the gear list, but you can't customize it there (again, unless I'm totally missing something simple).
2. The default 5k characters get, is that in addition to the default muse, or does that 5k represent the price of the muse? So in effect, does the character get the cash and no muse or a muse and no cash?


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ya there are still some

ya there are still some limits with it. you can't customize muses and that 5k is supposed to be the normal starting cred

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It should be pointed out that

It should be pointed out that one of the muse options in the gear list is for a free starting muse that doesn't cost you anything.

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