How do you handle Customization?

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How do you handle Customization?

I'm in a game run firefly-style. Smuggling and such.
I rolled up a mechanic, taking hardware in aeroships/groundcraft/robotics/walkers, as well as academics in engineering/mathematics/robotics/architecture. Interest: walkers.

It was done over IRC, so between a session we were chatting about mechwarrior, and suddenly I had an idea. Me and the GM looked at the skills I had chosen, and then I threw ideas at him he agreed on one I could do.

I wanted to build a mech; and I ended up coming up with something like this for requirements:

Power Source (Current game had us breaking into a cargo ship; checked the ship manifest and found parts for antimatter containment and a few bits for fusion. I decided Antimatter Mech would not be a good idea, and I'm going to try and grab those fusion parts on top of the 'package')
Weapons I'm going to put on it (much more expensive since they'll be bigger to punch harder)
Battle Suit (Or blueprints)
Hyperdense Exoskeleton (Or blueprints)
~1 Year construction assuming all my rolls are decent.
The infomorph in my ghostrider (Another PC actually) was going to help me by designing the software for running the machine as well as security.

Since it's a long while before it is done, we havn't come up with movement/durability/armor stats yet.

Do you think this is reasonable? How do you/your DM handle customization in your game?