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How big are qbit reservoirs?

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How big are qbit reservoirs?
The book is fairly specific that the communicator itself can be almost any size, but just how big are the reservoirs? Other then saying one is "low-capacity" and implied to be smaller, and one is "high-capacity" and probably bigger they don't seem to say anything about it. Given that the high-capacity is good for ten times the usage then the low-capacity reservoir, it's fairly safe to guess that it's also about ten times the size. That still leaves us with the size of the low-capacity one. So, man portable? Movable by a vehicle? Or just the size of building it takes to hold it?
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Re: How big are qbit reservoirs?
Portable QE comm. It's handheld p.315 says they're too big to be conveniently implanted so that means they'd have to be bigger than the oxygen reserve (p.308), which is probably the biggest piece of cyberware, I suspect the OR replaces a lower lobe of one lung. So call a Low-Capacity qbit reservoir one liter and a High-capacity unit 7-10 litres. I'm asumeing here that most of the volume is composed of the containment device rather than the q-bits so it could be that a high-cap. unit doesn't have to scale 100%

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