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How acceptable is the use of force?

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How acceptable is the use of force?
A gauge of views. How acceptable is the use of force? Some contexts if required: 1. To protect morphs? 2. To protect egos? 3. To protect habitats? 4. To protect memes? Feel free to add more specific examples or scenarios if you wish.
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To simplify my own views:
To simplify my own views: Morphs, while replacable, are not trivial losses. Especially beyond the more common models. So should be defended much as pre-fall humanity would have defended valuable property. In certain scenarios, more so, as loss of morphs while say fighting TITAN constructs could lead to Ego loss also. The ego is crucial. I have no interest in sacrificing my ego for any cause. That said, mine is of course backed up. And I would likely choose ego death over certain select fates. Habitat space is limited and is resource-intensive to replace. Protect with vigour. Memes that have lasted any length of time are resilient, having been winnowed through darwinian selection. But they still require protection. The most noble ideals can perish if all their believers are slain with their egos lost. I do not advocate mindless violence. Transhumanity has lost enough through stupidity.
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Memes while not devoid of value but I have little regard for. In fact to protect them to woul defy their evolution and would be anti memetic Protection of Ego is Paramount Protection of Habitat is second to that Morph is ab it of sticky one. I generally use lethal force when threatened and i definitely assign less value to synths
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Ego definitely comes first
Ego definitely comes first Morph is a close second. I'm about as far as you can get from a highly skilled killing machine but I'll absolutely use whatever means necessary to protect my morph from destruction. Anyone who doesn't value their own body has obviously never had to live as an infomorph or do a term as an indenture to afford a sleeve. I personally can't ever see myself using force in the service of memes or in defense of my current home. Maybe if I lived somewhere I identified more strongly with I'd see it differently, but as is I really don't see any reason to put my life on the line for Elysium or Zevi Oaxaca-fucking-Maartens.
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