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House or hotel?

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House or hotel?
How hard would it me for a character to acquire a habitat? Old space station, Oneil, Hollowed Asteroid, whatever. Just curious:) On that note, have there been any efforts to re-colonize those habitats lost to the Fall? (or is there a good reason not to) And do any habitat structures hold Pandora Gates, though I imagine such a structure would also by defination be a taken former TITAN holding and only taken by a powerful group in the first place.
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1. Interesting question. If
1. Interesting question. If you're a starting character, probably not, unless you're talking a simple tin can structure. I happen to be writing one of the sections on habitats for a down-the-road supplement, and I'm now thinking rules for the kind of cred that needs to be spent/rep favors you need to call in for this needs to be part of my chapter outline. Thanks! :) 2. Not by sane, right-thinking people. (Note: PCs are frequently not sane, right-thinking people). 3. Not that are known. And more than that I cannot say.
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