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Homebrew Corporations

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Homebrew Corporations
Hello, I am creating some corporations for use in my game and have developed a "template" for them and wanted to share some here. What corporations do you use and what template do you have for GM notes (primarily). What can you share here for everyones benefit? (PS: these are all non canon). Name: StarDrive Couriers Ownership (%): OIA (25%), Exocube Solutions(15%), Cognite (25%),Ecologene (10%), Fa Jing (25%) Sphere: Courier company for small group of hypercorps. Objectives: profits for the shareholders via successfully delivering aquisitions to objectives. Notes: Primarily a courier company dealing with private parcels that are too hot for the more notable companies to deal with. They are owned by and have call upon other companies resources to ensure safe delivery of these "items". Motivations: +Hypercapitalism +Wealth –Anarchism –Uplift Rights –AGI Rights Name: Exocube Solutions Ownership (%): OIA(15%), Genuitech (80%), various (5% - minor individuals) Sphere: Protection of corporate assets via a multitude of areas. Objectives:Out of the Box business Solutions Notes: Primarily a Mercenary corporation who are very well funded. Morph funding and acquisition (particularly if these are combat morphs or swarmanoids). Only one of a circle of companies that is owned by any individuals. Motivations: +Morphs +Technoprogressivism +Duty –Uplift Rights –AGI Rights Name: Genuitech Industries LLC Ownership (%): OIA (51%) THC Unlimited (49%) Sphere:Uplifts & Exsurgent Experimentation Objectives: We seek to increase Transhumanities understanding of technology by boldly stretching the limits of modern biological and ego limits. Notes: Black Kettle hidden near Terraforming farm. Corp is primarily Remade Morphs. Motivations: +Ultimates -Uplifts +Bioconservatism +Neurodiversity
Regards, Jason Brisbane