Hey, we're honorable criminals! Not like those guys!

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Hey, we're honorable criminals! Not like those guys!

In the real world, street gangs and organized crime syndicates often portray themselves as honorable. Many crime groups have their own codes of conduct and rules for interaction, from the La Costra Nostra to the Yakuza. Organized gangsters often look down on street gangs and certain kinds of criminals as being sloppy, inexperienced, and/or morally depraved.

So how would the major crime syndicates of Eclipse Phase view each other? Are their certain forms of crimes which disgust one faction, yet are eagerly performed by another? What kind of "code" would the Night Cartel have? Or Nine Lives?

I'd assume that the Pax Familiae and Night Cartel portray themselves as legitimate businessmen, not like those Triad gangsters or Nine Lives slavers! As the majority of Pax's activities are white-collar financial crime, Claudia's copies say that their non-violent activities result in less suffering and misery than the other factions. The Triad probably portray themselves as "defenders of the community" of Chinese neighborhoods.

What do you think?

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I actually don't see Nine

I actually don't see Nine Lives as a well-organized crime syndicate. I see them more akin to a loosely-knit guild for ego slavers, so there's probably little concept of honor among them beyond what they do when dealing amongst themselves.

The Night Cartel is probably the closest to your concept of an honorable crime syndicate, being descended from groups like La Cosa Nostra, the Yakuza and the Red Mafia. The fact that they have a legitimate front and status as a hypercorp in many places says so much as well. Appearances are everything when running a legitimate business, and they know this better than anyone.

Pax Familae might have some degree of honor, but it really isn't an organization so much as it's a collective based on variants of a single ambitious person. The syndicate's sense of honor and loyalty will depend on your interpretation of her sense of honor and loyalty more than anything. Until we know more about who Claudia Ambelina truly is, we can only really speculate.

The Triad is a tough one. It's a syndicate based on Chinese insularity, so while it will have a sense of cultural honor, the Triad doesn't tend to give a damn about the non-Chinese, even today. They're even less forgiving with half-breeds and race traitors. So honor for them will vary based on who they are dealing with. Picture the Ku Klux Klan with a different ethnic backdrop and a larger degree of clout and influence, and you'll have a general idea of what they're like.

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