The Hermes IV: a Stealth Small Jet

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The Hermes IV: a Stealth Small Jet

[I made this description by cutting and pasting wikipedia and the eclipse phase book for the modified small jet my play group is gonna try to make a great escape in. It is inspired by current 5th generation fighter jets. if you have any other awesome suggestion let me know cause it's gonna be much needed in a few weeks!]

The Hermes IV is an example of Methane-powered jet plane, one of the most common forms of fast transport on Mars and Venus. These jets range in size from huge vehicles the size of late 20th-century airliners to small planes designed to carry half a dozen passengers. The H4 is smaller in size, and has been apparently* modified for weather study, so the passenger cabin seats only four. The jet is made using smart materials, so that it's wings and frames can adapt to a wide range of speeds, altitudes and maintain stealth flight.

The Hermes IV has a single jet engine and has a life support system capable of providing air for up to 100 hours. The jet has a top speed of 1180 kph, a wingspan of 11 m, and a maximum range of 4,000 km. The H4 is equipped with headlights, Laser Link (for stealth communication), food maker, radio boosters, and AESA** radar with a range of up to 250 km. The H4 has three internal weapons bays; It can carry six mini missiles in the center bay and one missile in each of the two side bays. The Hermes IV carries an M61A2*** Vulcan 20 mm rotary cannon, also with a trap door, in the right wing root.

ARMOR: 30/20

Vulcan Cannon [AP: -15 DV: 2d10+12 BF/FA Ammunition 60]
Accushot Long Range HEAP missiles [AP: -8 DV: 5d10+12 SA Ammo: 2]
Hybrid EMP / Smoke mini missiles [AP - DV - SA Ammo: 6]

(Hermes IV in high altitude stealth configuration, open source design inspired by 20th century Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk)

*The weather study apparatus is fake and actually houses a shielded smuggling hold, upgraded engines modified for speed, and other covert accessories.

**An Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA), also known as active phased array radar is a type of phased array radar whose transmitter and receiver functions are composed of numerous small solid-state transmit/receive modules (TRMs). AESAs aim their "beam" by broadcasting a number of different frequencies of coherent radio energy that interfere constructively at certain angles in front of the antenna. They improve on the older passive electronically scanned radars by spreading their broadcasts out across a band of frequencies, which makes it very difficult to detect over background noise. AESAs allow aircraft to broadcast powerful radar signals while still remaining stealthy.

***The M61A2 is a last ditch weapon, and carries 480 rounds; enough ammunition for approximately five seconds of sustained fire. The opening for the cannon's firing barrel is covered by a door when not in use to maintain stealth. The H4 has been able to close to gun range in training dogfights without being detected, which can be necessary when missiles are depleted.