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HELP: I'm from the past and robots confuse me

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HELP: I'm from the past and robots confuse me
[[OOC: Hi! I'm new! I am a player in a campaign and have read & bought 2E in the past month. I have a lot of questions about my setting and campaign that I want to ask other characters in a forum in this universe, as my character is not an expert. I think it would be as realistic as an inquiry i can get, then submit to my GM as my IC investigation. Would that be allowed? Please let me know if i'm broaching any taboos or faux-pas, I'm not here to break rules. Thank you! ]]
Beam me up, Scotty.
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I don't see why that would be
I don't see why that would be an issue. You can also ask rules questions OOC in the other forums, if that's quicker.
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[OOC] I'm not sure what you
[OOC] I'm not sure what you are doing. This section is for roleplaying. If you are having trouble with game mechanics, try asking in general discussion. At best, I think you're going to get mixed results asking here.