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Help with a homebrew morph for a friend

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Help with a homebrew morph for a friend
So, a friend just got into Eclipse Phase...yesterday, and he came up with an idea for a morph, but we have no idea how to actually stat it. Synthmorph, based on a pangolin with thick armor plating, designed as a kind of defense-oriented metal wall that can take a severe beating that can also curl up to roll and is large enough to curl around someone to shield them, but since I've never homebrewed a morph in my life and he just joined we have no idea how to stat it out. Cost, stat boosts, features, other than the obvious roller / walker movement, large size trait, etc. Could anyone help us out?
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Are you trying to do this in
Are you trying to do this in 1st Edition or 2nd Edition?
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Creating morphs ain't that
Creating morphs ain't that hard. You just need to know what you want. First edition morph creation rules can be found in Transhuman p. 221-223. Movement speeds can be found on p. 218-219. Lets see what you want: -Synthmorph Pongolin -Walker and roller movement. Any speed rating you want? -Large size -Tough, heavily armored morph -Ability form wall -Ability to curl up around someone to defend them Before we go any further, I want to comment on the design and role. I don't think that the design would be high in the fun rating. Just being a wall or cover doesn't offer the player much to do in combat. I assume they would be doing nothing else. This morph might be better being a bot. It also recommend that you limit the size to medium. I don't know about rules for forming a wall, or curling up to defend someone. I don't know where to look. Maybe you'll have to make something up. The robotic enhancement, Shape Adjusting, might help with becoming a wall. Toughness is strait forward. You pack on DUR and armor. With a large morph, it can reach as much as 150 DUR. However, 150 DUR is expensive. The cost of DUR increases over time. Be warned, a full 150 DUR is going to add 67.5 CP to the final price of the morph. 100 DUR is going to be 30 CP, DUR 50 will add 5 CP. Armor is strait forward. It can be raised to as much as 32 points, 16 from inherent bonus and 16 from added armor. Getting the best will add about 15 points, 5 point for heavy combat armor (full price) and 10 from inherent armor. Any aptitude bonuses you want? A morph doesn't really need any, but it is a common feature. Is there anything the player wants to do while in the morph? Being cover isn't really doing stuff. Will the player be running, shooting stuff, spotting stuff, recalling facts, etc? A +5 bonus is a moderate bonus, common as a secondary feature, or primary feature of an early morph (Splicers get a +5 to any aptitude). A +10 is about the best you can expect of any morph that has that aptitude as its primary feature (a Menton gets a +10 bonus to COG for being a morph for smart people). +15 should be rare and reserved for morphs that are prototypes with drawbacks (a Hyperbright gets a +15 to COG, but has fins for cooling and needs drugs). Finally, the synthmorph traits will add 6.25 to the final cost of the synthmorph. The negative trait, social stigma might be required.
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Please let us know if you
Please let us know if you were still interested in this topic. This didn't take long to make. I think it does everything you want. Some feedback would be nice.
Synthetic Pongolin A rather simple morph, the Synthetic Pongolin is built to be a tough obstacle. Modeled after a creature called the Pongolin. From there, it was to be really big and really tough. Its size allows it to serve as cover for others, and its armor and DUR allows it to take a beating. It hasn't seen much use yet. Enhancements: Access Jacks, Basic Mesh Inserts, Cortical Stack, Cyberbrain, Heavy Combat Armor, Mnemonic Augmentation, Puppet Sock, Shape Adjusting, Structural Enhancement Mobility Systems: Roller 8/32, Walker 4/20 Aptitude Maximum: 30 Durability: 150 Wound Threshold: 30 Advantages: Armor (32/32) Notes: Large Size trait CP Cost: 90 Credit Cost: Expensive (minimum 90,000+)
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