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Nice to see the site up and running! Just wanted to say that I haven't been this excited for a new concept game in a long while. Any mailing lists or e-mail accounts we can subscribe to for updates and news? Best of luck!
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Its always good to see
Its always good to see someone making a new game in the transhuman genre, looking forward to knowing more about it. Are you looking for playtesters ? :) Rog.

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Yes! If there's any chance to get in at this late of a date, I have a group that's interested in playtesting as well.
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The best thing to do is watch
The best thing to do is watch the blog (it has an RSS feed). Alternately, follow the Catalyst Game Labs twitter feed.

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As a general FYI, anyone
As a general FYI, anyone interested in playtesting or writing for EP should contact me (via the Contact menu tab).

Rob Boyle :: Posthuman Studios