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Headline from the future

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Headline from the future
The 86 kilometer cap covering the Yellowstone’s caldera has been operating below optimal standards for the past six months. Kersch Industry’s Yellowstone Containment Unit and had a grim assessment of the situation. The Yellowstone cap was designed in 2217 by the PX artificial intelligence and largely built by nanobots controlled by the AI. Considered by many historians to be the smartest of the Type-5 computer intelligences, the PX was effectively destroyed by the terrorist-designated Blue Band civilian militia after another Type-5 computer malfunctioned and terminated the entire G-L population of Seattle-6. All artificial intelligences above Type-3 were put under an Earthwide ban in 2260, closing the door on a turbulent half century that saw both major technological advancements and the complete decimation of several populations including all life in Taiwan. The full story: https://medium.com/headlines-from-the-future/2822643dca6c
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