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Having trouble finding something in the books

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Having trouble finding something in the books
I feel like an idiot, but I recall reading about something in one of the books a while back that I want to look back up. Basically, I'm looking for inspiration for my "stories I might run" notes file. Thing is, for the life of me I can't find it now and I'm desperate enough to swallow my pride and ask here. (Also, full disclaimer: I might be misremembering certain details, which is why I'm having so much trouble finding this thing.) I'm putting it behind a spoiler tag in case it's the sort of thing that, well, might spoil a setting detail for people who've tried to avoid such things.
Spoiler: Highlight to view
Okay, so what I'm looking for is a bit about a TITAN fork that's wound up on a mostly-uninhabited world or moon or something. Out of desperation, it's managed to merge with the local flora to the point where it's now basically a mini-TITAN in a biological body. I'm pretty sure it's on an exoplanet, mostly because I have trouble imagining it going unnoticed within the solar system proper.
So anyone who can point me to a book and page number? Or did I just somehow dream this up?
CordialUltimate2 CordialUltimate2's picture
If it is on an exoplanet it
If it is on an exoplanet it is probably in Gatecrashing. For now I cannot tell you more. It is also possible it was in the GM part of Core.
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Hmm, I can't remember
Hmm, I can't remember anything like that. There's a TITAN supposedly operating off the Exomoon Mortara, but it looks like it's making an installation in a nearby gas giant. (X-Risks page 73). That idea sounds kind of like the Myst Trees mentioned in a few books, but those haven't been linked to the TITANs and aren't really biological (I believe Myst Trees are basically immobile fractal machines and utility fog being used for information storage by currently unnamed aliens). The trees of Bluewood aren't known to be TITAN linked, but fit the engineered ecosystem idea. It's possible you dreamed this up, but I might have forgotten something. Looking through sidebars in X-Risks or Gatecrashing is probably your best bet, that's what I'd do next.
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You're thinking of the FATE version of EP, I think.
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Y'know what, NotActuallyTim
Y'know what, NotActuallyTim got it. Thanks for the help, folks! (If anyone wants to bogart this thread for your own queries, feel free, because why not?)
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Wait, is there setting info
Wait, is there setting info in EP Fate that doesn't appear in the other books?
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There's about a 1 page NPC
There's about a 1 page NPC write-up on page 132. Transhumanity's Fate isn't a setting book, but it's supposed to work as a standalone game, so it has a fair bit of setting information in it. Most of that information is already available from the EP1 books, but some of it is new. I'm pretty sure Rob has the pdf linked from his blog if you want to check it out, and see if it's worth adding to your collection (or just read).