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Hacking and Stress questions!

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Hacking and Stress questions!
So doing some more reading, I now have a whole bunch of questions regarding the hacking procedure: For Establishing a Connection it mentions that to find a system via the mesh you must know the Mesh ID, does that mean every device has a unique Mesh ID as well as every user? When you spoof a connection you've sniffed, how does it affect the original recipient? The server thinks you're them, so are they disconnected or does it just treat everything coming from you as if it was from their device? I assume that a defender using Active Defence is often done pre-emptively, with the assumption an attack is likely? A hacker critically failing a hacking test is the same as a defender critically succeeding, Spotted Status + Active Alert? Does a firewall get initiative? I assume they just act reactively at 'the end of the current action turn' and if a defender is alerted they roll initiative in the next round (assuming you're not in combat already / a firewall is being used rather than active defence). I assume Countermeasures are basically Apps/processes which can be blocked or suppressed by a hacker? It says some countermeasures are launched automatically, I assume these have no action cost and are mostly just flags or settings that are switched on / processes that are started and handled automatically at the end of the current action turn? Trace seems the only one which might involve rolls and states 'the defender can initiate a trace' but it doesn't specify any so can I assume it's just automatically successful unless you have an Anonymizer? Can a hacker can only be 'targeted' while they are in the Spotted status? Once they achieve spotted, do they have to return to 'Hidden' to be untargetable by countermeasures or does going back to Covert get them 'lost in the crowd'? Is there a way to acquire Admin privileges without re-hacking the system and hoping for better results on the initial intrusion test? Lastly - when it comes to stress, is this applied when it suits most narratively? I expect characters will have to wipe out some thugs and security on occasion, so is violence and death stress supposed to be applied every combat? I suppose this could be on a GM by GM basis, depending how 'realistic' you run it, unlike other rpg's where you just mow down the bad guys. Any help would be appreciated, thank you. Klaus
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I try to make the characters
I try to make the characters roll WIL×3 (willpower test) whenever they commit heinous violence until they dehumanize themselves and become insensitive to extreme violence.
Exhuman, and Humanitarian.