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Habitat on cover?

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Lucidshifter Lucidshifter's picture
Habitat on cover?
I feel kind of silly asking this, but what kind of habitat is that on the cover? Is that just a tin can hab?
Admini Admini's picture
Is it just me, or does that

Is it just me, or does that morph look like a lizard?
Lucidshifter Lucidshifter's picture
Is that a tale coming off of the morph, or is that part of that heinous arm beast wrapping around the h+? I dunno.
GregH GregH's picture
I think it's a spacecraft,
I think it's a spacecraft, not a hab. As for the "tail" it fits the description of a type of Exsurgent that takes over vehicles and structures and produces an "arm" of sorts. I think that was what they were going for...
jackgraham jackgraham's picture
It's a derelict tin can hab.
It's a derelict tin can hab. The morph is a bouncer. As for why it has a tale, I don't know, bodysculpting? It's Stephan Martiniere. He's got a Hugo; he can draw whatever the hell he wants. :)
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Lucidshifter Lucidshifter's picture
Ah! Thanks Jack.
Yeah I figured bouncer by the gripper feet. I still think its part of the arm coming out of the hab. I suppose an exsurgent presence could indeed form an arm via nanites, and wreak havoc. I betcha Mr. Martiniere, held to their guidelines fairly well. If it's a biosculpted tail I am happy, if it's a big mean hab arm, I am happy, too. :D