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Group LF Two more players [Filled]

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Group LF Two more players [Filled]
Currently running games for a four player group. Attendance has dropped due to life issues and looking to boost active player count, a few have been called to low show up count. [b]Time:[/b] Mondays, 8 PM EST [b]Method:[/b] Skype, Light use of Roll20 (haven't played with it much besides dice rolling) [b]Contact:[/b] Skype - GeonisZero Email: GeonisZero@gmail.com [b]Style:[/b] Investigation, combat light [b]Current Active PCs:[/b] Agi Hacker, Celeb Psychosurgeon [b]Potential:[/b] Asynch Smuggler, Mechanic As a GM, still a bit rough and tumble, still getting my understanding of the setting fleshed out and dusting myself off. I tend to favor more character focused things (how the act, plot is secondary focus).
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Hi, Im totally up for a game!
Hi, Im totally up for a game! Was wondering if you use voice chat on skype, or just text. I can do either, but I much prefer to use text. Otherwise, I hope you still have room!