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A great computer game for EP fans...

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A great computer game for EP fans...
There was an old (But frakking awesome) game for the PC called "Hostile waters: Antaeus rising" that all fans of EP should be interested in for the plot and storyline. (BTW, the graphics are still quite beautifule if not up to modern standards and the action and gameplay rock too.) I'm going to spoil the plotline for HWAR so if you want to be surprised, stop reading now..... In HWAR earth achieves peace and plenty, using nanotech manufacturing technology to create free food, clothes, medicine and housing for all, powered by solar platforms. The world becomes a paradise and in EP terms a new economy society where communal replicators care for all needs. Some people don't like this: The "old guard", the "monsters who lived on theft and hate" despise the new order and want to destroy it at all costs. Now even before the new order came about this cabal had worked on a way to create what they needed to maintain control: fear. They had worked to create a "fake" alien race to use to create fear, justify a military, justify authoritarian government to protect us for the enemy, etc. (The game was written before 09-11-2001, BTW, unless some think it was written to capitalize on 911 theories, BTW. The parallels, I won't comment on here.) Well, needless to say the cabal's pet monsters slip their leashes and things go south at about warp 10. Some of the parallels between the game's setting and tech and the setting of EP are quite interesting and I recommend it, if you can find it. I bought a hardcopy, if you can find it for sale online get it as a download, I think Ep players might enjoy it, but beware, some of the missions can take HOURS to complete.

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Re: A great computer game for EP fans...
All that... and Tom Baker too! Here's a lecture The Doctor gives that could easily have occured at a Pre-Fall symposium on potential threats to humanity http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L4CIzF-rQ8g
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Re: A great computer game for EP fans...
Ah, Hostile Waters. I still have the original release version somewhere. It also has an awesome intro: the player's Cool Ship resurfacing on its own after twenty years of rusting on the bottom of the Pacific. After a minute of obligatory exposition.
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Re: A great computer game for EP fans...
I'll have to try it, then.