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Goya Machines and the Exhumans who love them

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Goya Machines and the Exhumans who love them
So I've been playing an Exhuman soul eater for a while, and recently I realized that the Goya machine that I've come to love is very poorly described. Does anyone know the size, cost, or any details that have been canonized? Up to this point we've been playing it as an implant, but reading the Silent Mercy portion of the core book it sounds like it might be morph external.
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I do not know for sure but...
In my mind, a Goya Machine is similar to an ego bridge; after all, they both have similar functions. A Goya Machine may be larger due to the fact that it is implied to be more complex.
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Goya machine requires
Goya machine requires processing power to appropriate complex psychosurgery and simulspace hosting. I would guess it is at least server sized.
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