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Good Job

So I'm clicking through Drive-Thru RPG, and I find EP. I download some of the free stuff, am fascinated by what I see, and decide to buy it, the whole set. I start reading and checking out the site, and realize who's behind writing EP. I can't believe it.

I used to play Shadowrun (I bail after the 3rd editions come out as to many rewrites make me nervous about the future of a game, started this policy with AD&D) and was on the NERPS mailing list in college for a few years (early 90's, aside from a Palladium changeling conversion and a minor flamewar I didn't contribute much, but it was obvious Adam was going to be a designer).

Seeing Rob, Adam, and the rest of these former FASA/Fanpro guys behind this game is great. Its such great stuff. Keep up the good work, and please keep down the number of new revision/edition. I'd like to stay with this as long as possible. Thanks.

I wonder what Gurth is up to?

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