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[GM] interesting opponents?

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[GM] interesting opponents?
My group is pretty min/maxed, rarely misses and does a lot of burst damage. I wanted to query the hive mind for some interesting and lethal combat challenges. I feel there is a bit of a gap between human (-ish) opponents and the stuff that just owns you with no defense whatsoever. Any suggestions? The goal is to get some interesting challenges out that are dangerous but not pointlessly lethal. Thanks Skelshy
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Swarm cats, dozens of them
Swarm cats, dozens of them coming from every direction, each tac-netted into a dude with the Tacnet sniper trait about a klom away.
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Toss in hot smoke grenades,
Toss in hot smoke grenades, camocloaked snipers in weird places, zero or high g battles, full auto from covers, async shenanigans, combat in the resleeving facility. Indirect fire coming through revolving doors, Poison gas, combat in VR, cars chases, ziplining, hostage rescue one arm on hostage sideweapon only, high tech weapons are contaminated- back to fists and sticks.
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I often have the same problem
I often have the same problem with my groups. You might try to challenge them laterally with puzzle-like elements rather than to challenge their stats directly. Send them up against interesting scenarios which aren't easily solved by brute force and high stats (exsurgent infestation with critical data or personnel that have to be found and saved, prohibiting their ability to open up with guns blazing... for example). Alternatively, send them against smarter opponents and use tactics that invalidate many of their advantages, unless they start playing smarter themselves. When dealing with min/maxed characters, the trick isn't to challenge them by sending beefy things. The trick is to send them against things that require the players to think more than roll. However, maybe the playgroup min/maxes because they want to just clean house and tear through threats. In which case, you might want to play to that. One of my groups is full of players that love just killing and fighting, and would rather not enter the horror elements of the setting. So I have them play as erasure squads, sent in after the nukes have dropped on a Firewall red zone to clean up the mess that remains. Sometimes you just have to cave, if that's the sort of game they want to play.
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Geneboosted smart animals; I
Geneboosted smart animals; I jumped my group with a pair of lions and hyenas with hydraulic jaw muscles and high-G adaptation, the octomorph combat blender got a tentacle ripped off which everyone got a kick out of. The animals had a handler who gave them stat boosts while hiding behind cover, smart animals are good because you can get creative with stats and design, plus its a nice change from fighting humanoids. Also had an exsergent which infected an NPCs nervous system; his entire nervous system got coated in armored crystals, tore itself free of his body and proceeded to try and climb into a player's body with its mono-fibre nerve tentacles.