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As a GM, how do you award credits?

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As a GM, how do you award credits?
I'm about to run a game of Eclipse Phase for the first time using Glory. One question I'm still unsure of is what's a good guideline for awarding players credits. There are bound to be various jobs with fees to be collected, assets to be stolen and fenced, etc. Rez points have guidelines for when they should be awarded, Rep has tips for how much should be awarded. Can anyone give any pointers for the amount of credits that should be dealt out for completing a job or "quest"?
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Generally? I don't, because I
Generally? I don't, because I usually play in the Outer System, so I don't have to worry about it! ;)

+1 r-Rep , +1 @-rep

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My GM has a really simple way
My GM has a really simple way to handle it, at east in the transitional economies where credits still matter. In short, your 'day job' (remember, you're not on a Firewall op 24/7/365) is based upon a combination of your highest marketable skill (what you do well) times the highest relevant rep (representing that your skill gets you paid, but networking gets you the job and the promotions) per month, minus taxes and expenses. In my characters case, his highest market skill is Programming 62, times his current r-rep of 88 (62 * 88 =) for 5,456 creds / month. While we doubt it is that sensible on Mars in reality, for the ease of the game he assumes a flat tax of 10% for your health and services taxes, leaving Alex with (5456 * 0.90 =) 4,910 creds (rounded down). Alex actually has a pretty decent place in Olympus, two apartments with the wall knocked out between (because of the low population vs infrastructure) that he gets at a decent price, so we negotiated a 1,000 / month on the apartment, leaving Alex with a total of 3,910 creds per month to spend. That more than covers his disposable ectos and ammo for his 'night job' and allows him to save for some enhancements and other things (he wants to buy a Spare morph, for just in case).
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In the Transhuman book
In the Transhuman book (released just recently), "Character Lifestyles and Income" is a topic covering pages 104 to 105. The amount of money you can make is determined by your rep. 1 week of work can earn you as little as 50 cr or as high as 5000 cr. You can also try to devote work to increasing your rep, something that is covered on page 105.
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I recently gave my group a
I recently gave my group a few million credits worth of valuables.. I'm not afraid it will break the game or anything, not in EP. They will probably finance an expedtion into the TQZ and give some to firewall. Edit: Giving might be the wrong word, they might just as well have all died horribly. But they acted smart enough to get out alive and rich.