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Glory -Players and sessions

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Glory -Players and sessions
So i am thinking of running eclipse phase, starting with Glory, this is my first try at running really anything, let alone EP, so sorry if these are some really basic questions. Fist how many players is Glory good for? without input i will probably aim for 4. but any better info would be good. Second, assuming sessions taking 3 to 3 and a half hours, how many sessions are there in glory? again sorry, i tried to find answers to these questions on google but came up empty handed - please help.
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I am afraid there is no easy
I am afraid there is no easy answers there. The length of the adventure is 2 weeks "ingame", but time is a funny thing when playing RPG's, and the amount of hours or sessions are very dependent on the amount of characters the players control (because in EP a single player can be doing dozens of things at a time if he has a "mind colony" or "tons of forks" kinda build). The bare minimum for success demand a scientist, a hacker, and a fighter, but as all games without "character classes" all players should be able to fight, hide and wage some sort of infowar, and the scientist and hacker can be the same (specially if he can become several egos at once). Fortunately, in the case no player wants to be a hacker you can always "can it" to however you wanna present the solving of hacking needs, usually requiring the players to be able to "plug the modem" (that is, a Gizmo that will let the hacker to start invading the enemy systems) and then go their merry way. It is, also, VERY important for the players to be familiarized with plague protocols and the exhuman virus, since exurgent vectors are merciless (if you are familiar with Legend of the Five Rings, the Exurgent virus showing up is the same thing as the Shadowlands coming for tea).
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Also, the exsurgents are
Also, the exsurgents are freaking powerhouses in combat, difficult to kill. They are also armed with Plasma Rifles and boarding a craft without being noticed is described shabbily. A GM that applies realism here might end up killing the whole party. A Mess.
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Yes, I would leave the
Yes, I would leave the insertion method to NPC's in a way you can handwave without giving explanations to the players, make them nervous in a "black space" (a tiny, dark/unlighted cargo space they are packed within as if they were just boxes), where they can't do, or notice, anything from start of the insertion to finish. If they have no space travel means, that is even the right way to do it: they ask for a ship as a favor, be it from a contact or Firewall, and it is possible... in a way. You also shouldn't count the time in that "black space" as the 2 ingame weeks limit, since you will be using "plot speed" there. And make sure the players are aware of the exhurgent virus' stuff before the game starts, dropping reports here and there during previous adventures.