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I know we've discussed this before, but there has been some serious talk at Cognite about copyrighting instantiated memories. I think they are serious this time. They have tried this before but I think they might have some serious legal backing in the form of XP releases. The difference being, of course, that selling your XP doesn't void your right to retain a copy of your own memories. I know what I said about not wanting to get involved, and I still don't, so please handle this as quietly as possible. I'm basically a happy little worker bee, I have a kush job here at R&D, and for my money it beats handing out hard print flyers of worker party laborers in Rhodesia for a chance to skip the breadlines back on earth. Its just sometimes they things they do really bother me, and being instantiated I can't help but wonder certain things, like how I died... Shit! Someones coming. GROD out.
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Login Location: Mt.
Login Location: Mt. Kristiansund, Titan, Saturnine System @-List ID: AssassinAnna2113 *Sigh.* Just when you think there might actually be a limit to the things those freaks with the financial-power-fetish will do for money, they go and surprise you. And not the good surprise. Does anyone remember non-smartpets? Remember when Fluffy would bring you a dead bird/mouse/rat, or Rover would leave a steaming pile of dogshit by your bed? That kind of surprise. That deeply unpleasant, "somehow I expected this would come to pass, but I am still dismayed and upset to behold it" kind of surprise. My advice would be to apply for Titanian citizenship at the Titanian embassy in New Shanghai and catch an egocast out here. Yes, it will mean the mandatory three years of civil service, but let's face it - if you're looking at a hitch of indentured service on Mars, it's going to be ten times worse than the worst imaginable civil service Titan will throw at you. Seriously, consider it. You get A guarantee on a morph. If you like synthmorphs - and only [i]if you [u]like[/u][/i] synths - you can get pretty much anything you want manufactured within the week*. If you won't take anything but a biomorph, you're guaranteed a Hazer at least. You [i]can[/i] opt for something else now if you want to take whatever's available, or you can go on the waiting lists for a hazer - which you can spend as an infomorph [i]or[/i] go into your choice of cold storage or compressed simulspace, your call. [indent]For my part, I took an "aftermarket" Hazer, one that had some fairly heavy mods, but was also on the verge of being recycled for what they considered to be neurological flaws leading to partial persona retention from a previous occupant. I've never had any problems whatsoever, and I've had it yeaaars.[/indent] * I have seriously seen some guy playing at being freelance muscle flying around in a Reaper. He wasn't authorized for any built-in weapons, but a Reaper nontheless. I can tell you now that any stories you may have heard about Titanian synths having some kind of law enforcement override are bullshit and scare stories - I know people in Titanian Law Enforcement, and there are no such overrides. Let me tell you, trying to figure out how in this little frozen moon you're going to arrest a Reaper if he gets stupid is kind of a scary proposition. I was advising my friend call in close air support, but thankfully he just moved along when asked politely. So, yeah, the Titanian Civil Service. If you get an egocast to Titan from in-system, you [i]are[/i] on the hook for it - unless you'd rather go back to where you were, that's guaranteed as an option if you get here and absolutely hate it - but seriously, it's not bad. Three years of military or civic service, deferred until you're 25 if you're younger than that (I arrived at 20, and let me tell you, it was weird going from an adult college sophmore to a child again - though a child attending the best university in the system, lemme tell you,) and you can do anything you like; a quick browse tells me that right now, the cities of Aarhus and New Quebec are hotly competing for habitechs, whether already trained or not, and are offering perks for people who want to spend their three years in civil engineering and maintenance. If you're okay with having the government poke around in your mindspace to make sure you're not some kind of sleeper terrorist, the Commonwealth as a whole is putting a top priority on the Mt. Kristiansund Space Elevator Construction Project, and are willing to reduce the citizenship term for anyone who volunteers for it to two years or the completion of the space elevator, whichever comes first. (The projection is one year, unless things go seriously pear-shaped.) And absolutely, positively no bullshit about other people laying claim to owning your memories. Once your three years' civil service is done, you can do whatever-the-fuck you want, including take your morph and fuck off up the space elevator, hitch a ride on a freighter and never look back. And [i]while[/i] you're doing it... Well, let me put it this way. My apartment is kinda small and the bathing accommodations are communal. That's because I put all of my weight and clout into getting my morph augmented, and I'm currently running around in a morph that makes officers of the peace jealous, and [i]like[/i] communal bathing arrangements and college-dorm-like apartment environments. As far as food goes, you have free run of any maker you can find, or you can grab whatever you like from [i]any[/i] of the restaurants on Titan - no, you don't have to pay. Just go in, sit down, and order something. Within a ten minutes' freerun of where I work in Aarhus, there's the best place to get a Philly Cheesesteak this side of Mars (and yes, having actually eaten a Philly Cheesesteak at Geno's in Philadelphia, I'll attest that as close to the real deal as you're gonna get,) a dozen places for Scandanavian and Neo-Scandanavian food (if you come to Titan, you [i]have[/i] to try smörgåstårta; you might need a few biomods for the hákarl, though,) a Philippine place, sushi bar, teahouse, steak joint, fish & chips shop, NY pizza joint, a Kosher deli and a Kosher dairy, some weird place specializing in fusion foods that never existed to the best of their researcher's knowledge before last month, and that's just the places I tend to hit up to get lunch for the folks who work in the office bloc I work at. In case you're wondering what I do, I work for the Commonwealth analyzing trends in simulspace VR games and providing sociological input based on what the trends mean to a bunch of boring people who haven't played games in thirty years. It's not quite as much fun as it sounds, because it involves less [i]playing[/i] the simulspace games and more time analyzing them, but it's still pretty fun. Yes, my civil service involves playing simulspace games. And analyzing them, and interviewing the people who play and make them; and occasionally telling suits to stop being stupid because people haven't failed to recognize and mock governments when they try to make propaganda games for the last hundred and fifty years, along with writing a bunch of reports about said video games. In my free time, I attend TAU (Titan Tech can suck my cock, go TAU!) freerun, play with knives (and swords, and basically any bladed implement,) design simulspace environments, and play simulspace games, and generally live a full-time cosplay existence of running around in a hooded, armored smart vacsuit that looks half-spacefuture retro and half Italian Renascence. What does three years' indenture on Mars get you? Three years being a living file server and a genetically-crippled Ruster you then have to pay a monthly maintenance fee to ensure it doesn't get fucking asthma?
Skype and AIM names: Exactly the same as my forum name. [url=http://tinyurl.com/mfcapss]My EP Character Questionnaire[/url] [url=http://tinyurl.com/lbpsb93]Thread for my Questionnaire[/url] [url=http://tinyurl.com/obu5adp]The Five Orange Pips[/url]
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Not an Indenture Anymore
I finished my contract. Over 80% of all indentures work off their indenture in their allotted time. You do you're time, you fufill you're contract, chances are you'll make it out. Its long, its boring, its a terrible grind, but its usually the high risk indentures you see getting screwed. People who think that they are somehow going to get out from under their contract in less than a year are the kinds of people that wind up in bad contracts. The process is a bit overblown, in my opinion. Depending on where you are and what kind of skills you have, you can choose from several different options. Most likely, some conglomerate buys a huge lot of stacks, cherry picks the best ones, then lets them bid on you depending on your skills, temperament and general disposition towards the whole situation. You DO have the right to refuse to work for them, even if it means going back into cold storage, and you can get several extensions while your looking to decide. (The countdown clickbait are just there to scare you, they can't legally put you back into cold storage without first offering you mediation and contract services) Of course, the law varies from district to district. Mars has a voracious appetite for labor of all kinds, its usually cheaper to invest in an indenture than it is to invest in A.I. That may be the most terrifying thing about the whole process, is how comfortable they make it all seem. And really, I'd rather be an indenture with a roof over my head than a ruster without a job. Considering the state of much of the world pre-fall, many indentures are actually far more content here than they were on earth. Human beings can get used to anything.