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Was talking to a friend in Elysium. Some re claimers got a wild hair up there ass and wants to film a documentary on the Fall. But get this: They want to film the shoot on location. They offered me a position on the crew to manage their uploads and resleeving, (My position at cognite offers me a group discount on their backup insurance) they've got some pretty serious gear and some heavy duty morphs, including a decomissioned reaper they are trying to get up to spec on the way there.

If firewall wants to pull the plug on this they better do it now, otherwise I'm going to sign up. (Yeah, yeah, off limits... byte me Terrabit) I figure this our best chance to get someone on the ground and this could also be a huge break for me, I'm no longer indentured but I still got bills to pay, and this could be my ticket into the big time.

Oh, and about that memory copyright thing, seems like somebody leaked it to the press and when the Tharsis league got ahold of it, people went apeshit. They made a few concessions in regards to criminal prosecution, so I guess if you get convicted of a crime here on Mars you might want to get backed up before you end up wherever they send you, (assuming you don't just get sent back to cold storage) because you might end up forfeiting any copyright claim on your memories.