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I have had great fun using the cyberpunk generator "Augmented Reality" I have fit it into Locus and a place of full on crazy. The characters then jumped off to Ilmarinen. I looked and thought that it would not really work in other places. It would end up all seeming same-samey. So, I made up a people generator for Ilmarinen. It is a spreadsheet that has columns corresponding to names, morphs, languages spoken, factions, occupations and wants/desires. Below these lists are a few lines of random look-ups each time the spreadsheet calculates, it generates another group of people. I have tried to choose among all the published references to Ilmarinen and my understanding of the name of the station. It is the mythic smith from the Kalevela, so I have filled it with researchers and designers and blueprinters and makers.
Office spreadsheet icon NPC quick generation table29.5 KB