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General Morphs

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General Morphs
Ding Ding Ding! Its almost friday again, which means CodeBreaker posts a new batch of Morphs. Again, my creative writing side is at a loss so they do not have character descriptions. I still have to do my Uplift Morphs ones so it might take me a while to get round to them. Psi'ker [BioMorph] Psi'ker Morphs are the latest developments to come out of one of the few CB Industry black labs dedicated to researching the Async phenomenon. Intended to augment its owners Psi powers as well as provide defences against any enemy Asyncs powers, the Psi'ker BioMorph is exceptionally rare and a potential breach of countless Planetary Consortium restrictions prohibiting research into the Watts-McLeod virus strain. Implants: Basic Biomods, Basic Mesh Inserts, Cortical Stack Aptitude Maximum: 30 Durability: 35 Wound Threshold: 7 Advantages: +10 WIL, +5 to two aptitudes of the players' choice, +20 Control skill, +10 Psi Assault skill, +10 Sense skill, Psi Chameleon, Psi Defence (1) Disadvantages: Psi Vulnerability CP Cost: 50 Credit Cost: Expensive (Exceptionally Rare; 40,000+) Phase [BioMorph] [Sylph Variant] The Phase BioMorph is a widely considered to be a cross between the standard Sylph and the Ghost morph, combining the social interaction skills of the Sylph and the infiltration abilities of the Ghost, resulting in a sleeve that excels at subtly infiltrating and subverting social circles and institutions. Utilized by agents of organisations across the System, it is a favourite of corporate spies and assassins who rely on their social skills to get close to their targets. Implants: Basic Biomods, Basic Mesh Inserts, Cortical Stack, Hyper Linguist, Eidetic Memory, Clean Metabolism, Emotional Dampers, Enhanced Pheromones, Oracles, Skinflex Aptitude Maximum: 30 Durability: 40 Wound Threshold: 8 Advantages: Striking Looks (Level 1) trait, +5 COO, +10 SAV, +5 to one other aptitude of the players' choice CP Cost: 55 Credit Cost: Expensive (30,000+) Overseer [BioMorph] The Overseer Project is an ongoing experiment by CB Industries into the competitive military market that it has traditionally kept itself out of. Based off of the genetic profile laid out by the Neotenic project, the Overseer Morph “suffers” from the same physical neotenous traits present in its parent Morph. Due to the semi secretive nature of the Overseer Project there have been numerous minor incidents of prejudice where it has been mistaken for a Standard Neotenic, but its developers are hopeful that as it begins to exit field testing and is accepted as a military asset these incidents will decline in number. Unlike many current military grade BioMorphs, which rely on brute strength to complete its objectives, the Overseer is designed to make heavy use of robotic combat drones such as armed Guardian Angels, while depending on its small stature and speedy reflexes to avoid direct confrontation. Implants: Basic Biomods, Basic Mesh Inserts, Cortical Stack, Enhanced Vision, Ghostrider Module (4) Mental Speed Aptitude Maximum: 30 Durability: 35 Wound Threshold: 7 Advantages: Small Target (-10 to Hit in combat), +10 REF, +5 to two aptitudes of players' choice Disadvantages: Social Stigma (Neotenic), Uncanny Valley CP Cost: 40 Credit Cost: Expensive Blank [Synthetic] [Case Variant] The Blank has quickly become the standard Synthetic being utilized by the few physical prisons that are still in operation after the Fall. Although many newly developed institutions prefer to make use of InfoMorphs held in Simulspace there are still some that prefer to keep their inmates in physical bodies. Designed to be easily controlled and effectively useless in any confrontation, these Synths also suffer from severe forced alterations on its host Ego, forcing preferred modified behaviours such as increased subservience to authority figures and almost completely blocking negative behaviours such as violent actions. Implants: Access Jacks, Basic Mesh Inserts, Cortical Stack, Cyberbrain, Mnemonic Augmentation Mobility System (Movement Rate): Walker (4/14) Aptitude Maximum: 20 Durability: 20 Wound Threshold: 4 Advantages: Armour (4/4) Disadvantages: -5 COG, -5 WIL, Social Stigma (Clanking Masses) trait, Lemon trait, Induced Modified Behaviour (Encouraged Subservience), Induced Modified Behaviour (Blocked Violence) CP Cost: 0 Credit Cost: Moderate GeneShifter [BioMorph] [Morph Description] Implants: Basic Biomods, Basic Mesh Inserts, Cortical Stack Aptitude Maximum: 30 Durability: 35 Wound Threshold: 7 Advantages: Genetically Malleable (Aptitude Bonus Pool of 25), +5 to one aptitude of the players' choice CP Cost: 30 Credit Cost: Expensive (Exceptionally Rare) Genetically Malleable (Morph Trait) Cost: SPECIAL This BioMorph is capable of shifting its genetic makeup about in such a way that it can alter its bonus aptitudes over a period of hours. This Trait is defining of a Morph and as such cannot be bought on most defined Morphs. Each Morph with this trait has a defined pool of aptitude points that it is capable of shifting between different aptitudes. However, due to the physically stressful nature of this change, whenever such a shift occurs the Morph inflicts damage on itself dependant on the number of aptitude points being changed. Unfortunately, although promising, this technology is still in its infancy. Because of this any BioMorph with this trait requires monthly genetic treatments that costs 1/10th of the Morphs total credit cost. If they fail to get these treatments the Morph is no longer capable of shifting its pool of bonus aptitudes. Rules: At any time this BioMorph is capable of initiating a change in its genetic code that allows it to shift its pool of bonus aptitudes to any of its standard aptitudes. These changes occur in blocks of five and every five points of change takes 6 hours to occur, inflicting 1d10DV that is irresistible by armour.. For the sake of game play this change is not transitory, the shift of points only actually occurs at the end of the 6 hours. The BioMorph is capable of performing multiple different shifts concurrently, however no bonus aptitude can ever exceed +10. Example: James is playing a GeneShifter character with an aptitude bonus pool of 25. He wants his Morph to perform better in a combat situation and so shifts 10 of his bonus pool towards Reflexes, or two blocks of 5. This change will take 6 hours and inflict an effective 2d10DV points.
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Re: General Morphs
root@General Morphs [hr] I would find some other version of handwavium for the GeneShifter, but I like a number of these, particularly the Blank. I'll have to do some thinking about transhuman prisons, as it seems like a rich subject for exploration. The Psi'ker I imagine could be part of the full-sleeve prison research, developed to find ways to block psi, or to imprison psionic users inside of it. I already have a story brewing in my mind about the body collecting gamma forks off of its users, and then splicing them together into an Ego mask to it could pretend to be full human. That Psi'ker is a very scary toy indeed, right up there with the Reaper morph.
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