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A GenCon Peri-Mortem

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A GenCon Peri-Mortem
I had the good fortune of partaking in the 'Training Ground' session of EP at GenCon, as run by the one and only Brian Cross. The first hour was Brian mostly just discussing the setting and different aspects of it from the standpoint of the characters; it was like having a seminar for five people which was good. The adventure itself was great, and only helped to reinforce how much I love this game already.

I tore through my copy on the (long) journey back home here to Providence and I'm happy to say that this is the transhumanist game I've been waiting for ever since I defined myself as being part of the transhumanist movement many years ago. The book itself is wonderful; the layout is amazing and the writing is tight and solid. It's punchy where it needs to be and relaxed where required and overall it's very engaging material.

I already have images of WhiteBlack, an anarcho-capitalist aquatic beehive out past Uranus, where 90% of the residents are either octomorphs or infomorphs; a lot of gatecrashers set up shop here and use it as a jumping point to Chat Noir and the L+RC-controlled Fissure Gate.

Or something like that.

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