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[Gear] remote control bullets

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[Gear] remote control bullets
While watching an anime (won't say which one, let's see who can figure it out), I saw a (red colored) gun that could fire explosive bullets with remote controlled detonation. I'd wager the gun itself is a medium pistol type (-2 AP DV 2d10+2), but the real trick comes from the bullets meshed to the gun or the shooter himself. when the bullets' inside explosives are detonated, each cause 1D10+5 per bullet detonated. Only the bullets that hit a target will detonate (not necessarily in the one aimed, mind you. Critical failure could provide funny surprises!). Note that a bullet stuck in a bullet proof vest will also detonate, though I'm not sure it will cause any armor piercing or or ignoring the armor, being inside the armor already. it goes without saying that the explosion ignore any armor, including armored skin, because it's already in the body. It also goes without saying that this gun and its ammo blue print is extremely rare, and thus extremely expensive, attainable only with a high level of G-rep (level 4) or even higher in C-Rep (level 5) if you are working for some hypercorp of the PC. The rarity of the item (by that read: near uniqueness) could provide some plot hook for a campaign. Either to use the gun yourself or as evidence in a case [img]http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSY4NMKe_ASJ3FDGf6Wgzenlb6P0gHX1...
[center] Q U I N C E Y ^_*_^ F O R D E R [/center] Remember The Cant! [img]http://tinyurl.com/h8azy78[/img] [img]http://i249.photobucket.com/albums/gg205/tachistarfire/theeye_fanzine_us...
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Re: [Gear] remote control bullets
Oh dear, Kite. Anyway, Melvin as I am, I'd rather make it so that the explosion happens cumulatively with the armour-penetration (from any given gun; it's ammo we're talking about, not the gun itself). E.g., if the gun penetrates 6 out of 8 armour, the total damage of the bullets is reduced by 2 as they explode through the remaining armour. Though, really, this kind of ammo seems largely redundant when you consider that there already are exploding bullets. Of course, the exploding bullets, as is, are largely worthless on account of doing quite little damage in an indiscriminate manner, meaning that they combine all the weaknesses of conventional weapons and seekers with none of the advantages. (no homing-assist, low damage when hitting, laughable damage when exploding). But, even then, the level of damage you've given for the bullets is rather low too; even cumulative with the damage from being shot, it's still only 10.5 extra damage average - comparative to, for example, firing a Heavy Pistol semi-auto or any other pistol full-auto. And, well, I'd imagine that having stuff [i]explode[/i] inside you is a bit more painful than that. Additionally, the high price and low availability you give seems somewhat overkill when you consider that, for the same price, I could easily buy a Seeker Pistol with enough ammo to level Remembrance. (Note: Remembrance Station probably cannot be levelled by 50,000 worth of Seeker Pistol ammo.)
@-rep +2 C-rep +1