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Gaming in Houston, TX and other Texas cities.

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Banechilde Banechilde's picture
Gaming in Houston, TX and other Texas cities.
Hello, I just recently picked up a copy of Eclipse Phase after taking a long break from Storytelling and PnP rp'ing. I currently live in the Houston, TX area and am looking for new players interested in getting together for EP, WOD, or whatever else. I have a few older friends who live in Austin, so that might work out as well, though a road trip with a place to stay might be required, Haha. Thanks, J H
RevDrWillman RevDrWillman's picture
In Austin. Looking for a group
I live in South Austin and I am looking for a group to do an Eclipse Phase campaign for a stretch. I'm looking for face to face gaming rather than Play-by-Post or Skype-ing though. If your Austin friends decide to give it a go, please let me know.
tygertyger tygertyger's picture
Alas, I'm in San Antonio.
Alas, I'm in San Antonio. Houston is way more commute than I have time for, and even Austin would be a stretch right now. But if either of y'all ever runs some EP at Owlcon, I'm so there.
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