Game: Legba, room by room

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Game: Legba, room by room

Legba is a shithole, there's no nice way to say it. This habitat, the home of the Nine Lives cartel, is where innocent civilians go to be tortured for eternity by bored gangsters. It is a world of chaos; derelict ships welded to tin cans welded to captured asteroids, packed so dense and so lacking in planning, a transhuman could get lost for days even without anyone trying to kill them. Every room could potentially contain any enemy, any treasure, any unexpected event.

In short, it's an old-school procedurally generated dungeon crawl waiting to happen. The game is simple:

-Name the encounter
-Describe the room it takes place in
-Describe who or what the players encounter
-What does the encounter do?

Otherwise, as with Legba, anything goes. I'll start.

A Friendly Game

Room: Scrapped ship parts; it looks like two pre-Fall space fighter cockpits reassembled into a semi-comfortable nook. The walls are plastered with AR personals ads, gaming leader boards and betting odds. A Creepy bot is futilely scraping at a stain running under the ventilation duct.

The Encounter: A pirate and a Triad 49er, both male biomorphs, are sitting at a table playing dominoes (the actual game "dominos", not just knocking down lines of tiles for fun). Several empty bulbs of "rocket fuel" moonshine are scattered around them, and they've attracted a small crowd of watchers. Both of them are intensely focused on their game, and will be irritated if interrupted; they are in a best-out-of-three tie.

What happens next depends on a roll of the d10.

1-3: The pirate wins; the Triad plugs his ecto's jack into the pirate's ecto and transfers some data. Further inspection shows that it is a schedule for ComEx trade routes.
4-6: The Triad wins; the pirate flips the table in a huff and storms out. Three or four rooms later, the party may find the pirate's dead morph. His stack is unclaimed, but his heart and eyes were removed.
7-9: The Creepy self-destructs, releasing Nervex into the room. Both players take a dose of atropine and continue playing; the Triad comments that his game will not be interrupted this time.
10: Both players slump over in their seats. Whoever was jamming them was apparently called to attention elsewhere. Reports of a fire elsewhere in Legba appear in the player's Mesh feed.

"Still and transfixed, the el/
ectric sheep are dreaming of your face..." -Talk Shows on Mute