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Galaxy of terror, ideas for EP. (SPOILERS FOR GALAXY OF TERROR/MINDWARP)

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Galaxy of terror, ideas for EP. (SPOILERS FOR GALAXY OF TERROR/MINDWARP)
Way back in 1982 or so, Roger Corman made a great little SF movie. it was low budget but not cheap and was remarkably good for it's time and budget. It was called "Galaxy of terror" or sometimes "mindwarp", and both titles weren't too good but the movie was. Anyway, it had a decent plot that involved a ship being sent to a planet to rescue the crew of a ship that had landed there earlier. The crew of the new ship finds a large pyramid like building and no survivors. They begin being killed one by one by what seem to be manifestations of their personal fears. At the end it's explained that the pyramid is in fact a toy, an educational toy left behind by an ancient race that used it to help their young confront and master their fears by manifesting them to be defeated. The movie had a lot of atmosphere and was very well made all things considered. I was thinking it could be a great movie to base an EP setting on, with a team of gatecrashers finding a world like the one in the movie and eventually discovering the horrible truth: IT'S A TOY! GMs would have to be careful with the setup, as the players may discover too soon the whole "It creates your darkest fear" bit, but all in all I think it could make a good basis for a EP scenario if you can find a copy or catch it on cable sometime.

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Re: Galaxy of terror, ideas for EP. (SPOILERS FOR GALAXY OF ...
Make exurgent virus a tool for bringing about world peace. It gives transhumanity something to unite against, to bad Junta is so busy hating the rest of transhumanity. Can the Junta be made to see the error in their ways? Will it be too late for the rest of transhumanity? Tune in next time to..... you get the point.