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Future Professions

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Future Professions
Hi, Im looking for list of occupations that might be present in the EP universe? Lets start with inner system: - Primarily I see a lot of Asian cultures, including Indian and Pakistani, as well a smattering of other cultures (insert your own here). We know that these are present (Core, Sunrise, Panopticon), so I imagine professions that might have come from old earth with EP twists: - Tailors - get your clothes custom made for YOU, rather than for your morph type. - Asian Herbalists - chinese medicine shops tta sell bear bile, tiger "wang", etc - all from pod grown parts of course, with a hidden lab somewhere in the depths of Little SHangai (or similar). - Bakers - every biomorph loves the smell of fresh bread - I see little to stop this from keeping going. - Food Stalls - everything from curries, chilli stands, hotdogs (what meat type is that?), to ready poisons for the medichines to give you that added Kick in a food! - game stores - VR and AR sims that you can buy entry to and pick up a local license for entry, etc. - Survival Store - pick up camping gear, water storage tanks, etc - everything for the Martian nomad or barsoomian! - supermarket - buy your own food the old fashioned way. Or get it delivered by a case or two for a small fee. WHat shops can you see - what is in your local area that might be able to be in a futurisic setting? Ive personally visited Hong kong and remember Singapore but from Australia that not much... What professions, occupations, shops could one see in your town that would be translatable to an EP universe? Thanks JB
Regards, Jason Brisbane