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NSPD interaction start!

The policewoman you approach actually flinches. Their eyes dart towards your weapons, your eyes dart towards their weapons, and…

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Officer Francine Lin, NSPD

Lin: "Good afternoon, Mr… John Frohman?" *she checks your current ID* "I'm glad not ALL the Argonauts are out chasing squirrels today. Granted, I don't want to be indoors either. It's a dangerous day to be a cop."

*She keeps looking at Henry and his compatriots, all of whom are visibly armored.*

"Hiring private security is a little overboard of course. This isn't Extropia, that's why you can get real police like us. And… is that one of the men from the Jovian Embassy? This is really getting out of hand."

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*important things*

Well.. some important things are in the balance here.. first off, is.. well to put it lightly, the safety of all morphs and their backups. Imagine if a crook knew of a 'backdoor' or something to mess up the police's backups.. one 'pow' to the prime morph.. and there'd be no recasting police to replace them.. Or it could be used as.. a sort of.. clensing-purge.. "Oh you're not a GOOD enough person to deserve a backup" etc.

So I'm sure I speak for my colleagues in saying that we wish to wrap this whole debacle up, and.. in the true agronaut 'spirit' of openness.. dissimate the 'cure' far and wide!

Also.. a friend of mine has lost a morph of theirs... and part of our 'quest' is to retrieve it for them. It may have been appropriated by someone involved.. or not.. but the leads regarding both, pointed towards this planet...

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Megara stayed close to Gloria

Megara stayed close to Gloria during this exchange, gripping her arm tightly. She wasn't quite sure about some of the legalities of their current relationship, especially given that she looked just like her... Save for some obvious artificiality added. She nodded in agreement to everything that Draco said, taking a deep breath as she rubbed her arm nervously.

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Officer Lin observes

A paparazzi camera drone floats past- like a little RC helicopter. Another officer flashes them a warning popup and shoos the drone away.*

Lin: "Stolen Argonaut morph? We haven't heard any reports. I thought you guys were 'open source' anyways." *waves at the cordoned-off crime scene* "I'm just pissed that we have to watch over a useless broken body with a popped stack. It's too bad, if Luciano hadn't lost so much blood from the impromptu surgery his medichines probably would have started to put him back together. The state he was in was not exactly sane, though. There's a reason he's in a psych ward right now. We've been busy taking down the footage of his… outburst, right before he was hit. Damn media vultures. Not everybody's as reasonable as my partner over here."

The NSPD motorcycle revs its engine and adjusts its mirrors.

[So his body is being covered up, and you might need permission to look at that… but if there's footage of what happened during the incident, you'll need to see the records too. And why did she say a motorcycle was her partner?]

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*Personal reasons*

My client.. has a bit of a... nostalgia for that form of his... its his.. well.. birth-form... you see.. my client.. is an AGI.. and said body was his.. first body.. as well as it dates.. to about or around the time of the fall, as well.. So in a way.. its a memento of his.. creator as it were.

Oh.. and i'm sorry that i was unaware that there were two police officers here.. *bows slightly towards the motorcycle as well as the female*

Does he have a name? I've learned that AGI and such don't like to be called.. "It" or.. "that THING over there" if you know what I mean. *smiles slightly*

As for that footage, could we possibly have a look at it? After you're done with it of course! Don't want to step on any toes.. or wheels *looks at the cycle with a smile as i say the latter*

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So now we're talking to a motorcycle

Draco rolls Protocol: 10 or below

17, no dice

My Partner the Car
Abdel al-Kubaisi

*the motorcycle revs and backs up*

Abdel: < Do I LOOK like a nascent TITAN AI to you? We banned them from Mars specifically so they wouldn't wreck everything twice. >

Lin: *leans in close* "Er… pardon my co-worker. He's had to eal-day with some crimination-discray ever since he lost his original morph."

Abdel: < And I don't even care anymore. I chose to keep jamming vehicles instead of just getting another body, because let's face it, infomorph life is pretty sweet when you have a roomy network like the NSPD system. Plus there's the reality show… >

Lin: "Jammer P.D. has been a godsend for the force. Our data guys shouldn't have to deal with vandals rezzing infomorphs for… whatever reason. It's not even a political thing most of the time, it's lowlifes not counting bodiless egos as people. The kinds of asswipes we should have taken out of storage a few years later than we did." *blank, serious look*

Abdel: < Why do you want to see the records anyways? I would have thought the Argonauts had it pirated by now. We don't want embarrassing footage going viral. >

[ooc: Abdel's disposition is currently at a -10 penalty. Draco didn't piss him off too bad. If anyone else would like to give it a try, they are welcome]

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*accidental insults and fresh eyes*

@Abdel: Sorry about the.. faux-pas there.. I meant no offense by the AGI-comment. I guess i'm just used to most machines being AGI or somewhat AGI-ish.. I guess that's what you get when you're helping out one.

@Abdel: And.. I know the AGI personally.. and he's not like those Titan-AGI schmucks.. heck he just recently designed and built some morphs for a group of.. head-only earth-fall survivors, so I trust he's on the up and up.

@Abdel And.. I'm sorry to hear you lost your 'alpha' morph. Is there anything I, or by extension, my client, can do to help, just ask, ok?

@Lin: A few fresh-pairs of eyes on the prime-video source might help us find something someone has overlooked... *blushes slightly at the possible insinuations* N.. not that we're not saying you're not doing your job or anything.. *blushes deeper*

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Idiots, Morons, and Cutting to the Chase

Hunter had been lost in thought over the things he'd need to do when they got to the crime scene, completely spacing out and failing to realize they were already AT the crimescene. By the time he looked up one of the Morphs in his group had managed to piss of the cop and her...motorcycle.

As tempting as it was to question how professional it was for a women to ride her own partner, Hunter realized that would only make things worse.

It was hard to hide his anger and sheer irritation he felt at how the others didn't seem to be taking this seriously, and had made his job that much harder by pissing off the police, the people who they needed to retain a professional, respectful relationship with in order to truly complete the investigation.

Taking a deep breath, Hunter stepped forward, approaching Lin and holding up his identification, the action given less weight in that he wasn't carrying an old fashioned physical detective's badge...

"My name is Hunter Capo, I'm a private investigator who's been hired by Mr. Lucky to look into the attempt on his life. You'll have to forgive anything my associates and anything they say, they're not used to working in anything resembling a professional environment." Slipping his ID back into his coat he glanced at the crime scene and then back at Lin.

"It's vital that you allow us to investigate the crime scene and look at footage that was taken here. While I don't doubt you and your people are looking into this to the best of your abilities, you have to understand that it's not important who catches the...thing that did this, just that the one responsible is caught. Period."

Hunter's tone grew deeper and more severe as he mentioned the perpetrator

"While it's too early to say who did this, the actions and methods taken to carry out this crime paint the picture of a truly warped and resourceful individual. The person who did this is capable of actually killing people, not merely destroying their bodies but completely eradicating any and all backups. While Mr. Lucky is alive, he survived purely on luck. It'd be ironic if it weren't for the fact that had anyone else been targeted they would have been genuinely dead..."

He made it a point to put an emphasis on death, so many people saw it as an inconvenience that the idea of it being a permanent thing must have been foreign to these cops.

"If you refuse to allow us to investigate here then we will respect the law and leave. However I hope you realize the danger this criminal represents and how, by turning us away, you eliminate the chance for additional clues to be found that could potentially catch this killer...before he strikes again."

(Hunter Capo attempts to use Criminal Psychology -50- to allow the police to let them investigate!)

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Civil Defense Corp tactics

Rolling Academics: Criminal Psychology 65 or below, +10 familiarity bonus since… well, this is the mark he's been hunting for YEARS

68, a very narrow pass

Abdel: *he reads Hunter's ID quickly* < Jovian Civil Defense Corps? Got a visa through all the legal channels… this serial killer you've been chasing really put a bug up your ass, huh? Don't think we're not taking this seriously ourselves. Thing is, as far as we can tell it looks like a suicide. >

*Hunter's handheld ecto displays Abdel's old human face… a bronze-skinned man with a long beard and well-waxed mustache.*

Abdel: < Yes, this is what I used to look like. Haven't shown myself in public much since I bled out three years ago. That's… on the Mesh if you want to hear about it. But I've seen homicides meant to look like accidents. It's always sloppy, always! The perp tries to wipe the victim's prints on the gun so it's a suicide, but doesn't alter the ID lock. The perp drops toxins in a glass of beer, but leaves the receipt from the garden center in their damn pockets. But this? >

*You are directed to the crime scene…*

*You really don't want me to describe this. "Lucky" Luciano used to have a nice Sylph, though the value is greatly depreciated…*

Lin: "This is an accident if I've ever seen one. Suicide, maybe. At 1100 hours, Luciano was on the set and recording… his behavior become stressed and erratic. The director attempted to question him, but his answers were confused. Luciano ran from the set and attempted to cross the street, and… you can clearly see here. Giant-ass Ruster truck impaled him with its grill. The vehicle was breaking the speed limit, but so is everyone who thinks the spimes aren't looking at them. Luciano's morph is nearly split in half at the waist, and covered in shrapnel everywhere else. There's no much left to salvage, except for the truck. That's in impound."

[God damn… there's lots to investigate here. You haven't seen the footage yet, the vehicle is hopefully untampered, there MUST have been witnesses, and the body might have more evidence.]

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Police get the Argonaut's Motive

Lin rolls Research

14, pass

Lin: "Abdel, the argonaut is talking about Dracosilv. I dunno about AGI names, I think that one might have named itself. They're… wait, is that the giant dragon robot from the commercial?"

Abdel: < It is! That one is some sort of early vector-thrust system test model, I was reading about it a while ago. I didn't know anyone was LIVING in it. >

Lin: "You know how Argonauts are, it probably has a few dozen extra features kit-bashed in by now. If it's been lived in and updated for that long, no wonder someone wants to pawn it off." *To Draco* "If we see that morph, we'll tell you. We're not shipping it though, go call Comet Express or something."

Abdel: "Oh, and…" *a brief pause, where a human would probably take a breath* "As much as I miss the old Flat, I was… Flat. Had my stack installed along with the vaccinations mostly because it was mandatory for joining the force. I really didn't like dying the first time, and I'm not looking forward to being full of blood again. Even the dump-shock from a squad car getting wrecked is bad enough. That's why I like my baby here."

*drops an AR schematic file over his motorcycle chassis*

Abdel: "I received permission from the chief to customize my model. Concealed extendable waldos, enhanced sensors, enough armor to stop a two-bladed sword, AND these less-lethal turrets. No, I won't extend them for you. I'm not insane like Hunter's old partner Gomes. Yes, I read those autobiographies too…"

*The motorcycle is speaking through the radio, for effect. He sounds kind of tinny there.*

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Yvonne wants to help

Yvonne: < Henry, these police are attending the crime scene mostly to keep people from seeing the… mess… that we're looking at here. New Shanghai is a place where transhumans under the poverty line steal from each other in a sick endless loop, and nobody wants to even try working together. The NSPD is likely stretched thin doing their normal jobs. >

*crouches* < You've got first aid training, Henry. Why don't you take a look at that body and see if you can tell how it went down? >

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*bows to the pair* Thank you,

*bows to the pair* Thank you, I'll let draco know you're on the case! *winks and smiles*

I'm sure if you locate it, he'll reciprocate in kind. He /IS/ a morph designer after all.

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*walks over to the.. body.. if you can call it that.. and examines it*

(I assume roll for my morph-id-ing proficiency and that sort of thing?)

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Inspection of the subject

Draco rolls Profession: Morph Designer

67, pass

This is a Sylph, all right, and by "Sylph" we mean the original model designed by Skinthesia, not the countless charisma-enhancing morphs patterned after it. Well, it WAS a Sylph. Now it's two halves of a Sylph. Without touching or tampering with the body, you can tell it had some aftermarket mods on the digestive system for perfect gastrointestinal health. No toxin filters in the liver or kidneys, but you know how celebrities are with drugs. The medichine nano-hive the officers mentioned is right below the Sylph's heart. It's pretty plain that the nanobots had immediately tried to begin knitting the wound closed, but this was too much for it to handle even before the car went into reverse and backed over him.

Draco Rolls Medicine: Pods 65-30 non-standard use=35 or below

38, no

You're not really used to working on "standard" human biomorphs. You… can tell it's not a synthorg, that much is certain.

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(I guess I'll have to carry this story)

*retches a bit and looks away* Uhm.. has anyone run a diagnosis on that vehicle?

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The thread is closed due to inactivity.

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