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Draco: *looks up at Henry

Draco: *looks up at Henry with concern* Is everything going alright? You looked a bit.. frustrated there for a second..

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Yvoone passing Draco a kebab

Yvoone pats on Draco's shoulder and sit beside him "Don't worry..this happens in our daily life sometimes" as she passes Draco a kebab.

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*gingerly takes the kebab and

*gingerly takes the kebab and tries to not smell too deeply of the strongly (to me) scented foodstuffs*

*yelps at the warm temperature of the food on my tongue*

*mutters to myself* This.. is gonna take a bit to get used to... and where is my muse with that patch!

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Draco's mesh search

Draco's Muse: < I found it! >

Draco's Muse rolls Interface


< This is Somnambula v1.02, a freeware crowd perception filter. It should help focus your hearing so it only picks up things you look at. It can freely toggle, of course. >

Mesh Search: < You might also enjoy; PetFinder animal tracking app; Shuǐshǒu road map customization, premium edition; The Majestic Horse, Horse Calendar app for 10 AF; Le Charbon anti-gas perception… >

Draco's Muse: < Uh, most of those are paid services for Mars. Maybe later. >

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Henry's Muse continues

Levi: < It appears that the protests are perpetrated by low-class, synth inhabiting people who are offended by stereotypes in media. They appear to be standing still, but have effectively set up a denial-of-service attack on Nytrondheim, the entertainment center of New Shanghai which I will admit is hard to pronounce. >

The ad in question: *A quiet middle class house in Olympus, twilight. The front door's locks are forced open with a smart lock pick.*

*A matte gray Case clanks into the house, sneaking up on the owners children's bedroom. It appears to have a device for extracting cortical stacks…*

*There's a FWASH, and the Case is consumed by a plasma shot fired from off-screen. Only the Case's legs remain, standing upright.*

Ad: < Direct Action; for when nothing less will work. >

Yvonne: < I didn't fund that commercial. >

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*makes sure to run a virus

*makes sure to run a virus scan on the software before installing it*

*watches the ad and cringes at the ending when the plasma shot vaporizes the case*

Thats.. horrid...what a way to die...

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*has zoned out for a while,

*has zoned out for a while, thinking about what the case must have felt in the final moments, before coming back to my senses*

o_o? *looks around myself*

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Your Muse has already scanned the file and determined it to be fine. You install…

Case Beggar: *his LED eyes turn from blue to yellow* "Yeah, I've seen enough of the fucking ad already. Just because I have no (fades out of hearing)

Woah, the crowded streets are much quieter now. Nobody seems to be saying anything, even when their mouths move. Speaking individuals have tags floating above their heads in AR view. You select the beggar again…

Case Beggar: (fades into hearing) can't get the 50 P.C.s worth of electricity at the public fabber to re-attatch my arm, so I can't work to get credit. To re-attatch my arm." *facepalms*

Gambling Worker: < Whoop whoop, here comes the political correctness police. > *Checks an e-mail* < If he went into content aggregation like I did, he'd own his morph by now. Don't need an arm for that. >

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*wanders over towards said

*wanders over towards said 'beggar' and starts to examine his arm*

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Gloria's duplicate seems to

Gloria's duplicate seems to have zoned out for the moment, blushing as she tugs on Gloria's sleeve a bit, asking for a kebab. Whereas Draco seemed overwhelmed by sensation, she seemed to be diving in headfirst!

"So much stuff here!" She smiled

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sonic232's turn

You take a moment to gnaw on the kabob. From the shape of the grain on the meat, it looks like it was from clone-stock beef- humane, though reviewers claim they can tell the difference. There's an odd firmness to the meat that you don't get in rations or cheap Maker gels, the mark of something living and chaotically grown. A wave of salt and wood smoke washes over your mouth.

Rolling Interest: Celebrity Gossip at 60%

That arcade Cori was messing around in was Geoli Daiodeu, one of a vanishing few physical arcades in the solar system. Hell, they were rare on Earth back… then. There's something about physical presence that allows games to be both ad-hoc and create a sense of community… plus the place is so damn noisy, nobody notices when people are making out. There's rumors about your current employer, Mendoza. Rumors that he was hooking up with someone here… which is weird, since he's not even remotely humanoid right now.

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Draco's Turn

Rolling Profession: Morph Designer at 80%


Cases are mass-production charity morphs that are… well. You know how your AI buddy sometimes pilots a remote control Creepy bot? They'd be better off with that. Case designs are always a generation behind, and are churned out so quickly that bug fixes happen way after the newer model comes out.

This short, crash-test-dummy looking humanoid could have one of a half-dozen mechanical issues that caused the problem, so a cursory glance isn't going to tell you much. That's not even considering the very real chance that this Earth escapee sustained neural damage during the war, which could have led to his injury.

Draco's Muse rolls Interest: Memes

18, totally a pass

Draco's Muse: < Hoo boy, the Haniwa… the Go-Nin Haniwa. The HANIWA! >

*She brings up an AR image of a Case's head, almost the exact same model as the beggar. In Impact font, the caption reads: "Leak cartilage everywhere; still make money".*

Draco's Muse: < The Haniwa is a model from 2 A.F., kinda before my time… The non-newtonian fluids that let the joints glide were held in a pretty thin membrane to save on materials, so they kept bursting. And when a robot's joints jam, they don't have nerves and pain to stop hyperextension. So he must've been walking around with a dead arm, got it caught on something, and RIP. >

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The Beggar…

Case Beggar: *leans backwards as Draco look him over* "Yeah… hi to you too. I don't suppose you have any menial labor that only requires one arm? What about the short one in the fedora, he looks like he wants someone to hold his shoes when he goes indoors or something." *shifts onto his other leg* "Oh yeah, my name is-"

The One-Armed Man
Emmet Haight

Emmet: "So yeah, the featureless clanker is male, that mystery's resolved. Thanks for not asking if I'm a boy or girl, by the way."

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*bows to you, now a lot more

*bows to you, now a lot more graceful due to the dampening of the hyperactive senses*

I couldn't help but overhear that you're having a bit of arm trouble... I happen to be a morph designer and I guess a bit of a softie at heart..

*checks to see if i have enough money to buy Mr Haight aformentioned power-time to help fix his arm*

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Gloria's copy tugs at her

Gloria's copy tugs at her sleeve, frowning. "Hey... Mendoza's been rumored to be hooking up with somebody in that arcade, we should probably check it out." She motioned over towards the Geoli Daiodeu, trying to get the rest of the group's attention as well.

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Henry looks at them.

Henry then stares at them and then ask "So...What's been going on in your area?"
he asks.

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Draco's charity

You don't have any credit in the Planetary Consortium, Draco. Any money in your account would be your Nova York stipend, which is not easily exchangeable. You could, however, tap a favor with any Networking skills you have. The Argonauts are eager to fund tinkering for tinkering's sake, it's kind of their deal, but you'll have to convince them that this is a worthwhile use of resources. It's a trivial favor, so you'll likely get it.

OR, One of your allies could use their money or favor. Hunter already pulled rank earlier today, but Gloria or Henry might be able to talk their way into charity. And Cori's been saving up some P.C.s for paying off her loans…

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Gloria looks at the arcade

Gloria: "Megara… you haven't been to New Shanghai in the last few years, have you? If you want to see rotten shit going on, you check out the spimes and, you know, enjoy a pixelly surveillance camera view of what's going on. They have backlogs. Not that I'm advocating hacking your way into the security feeds, especially not through the access jacks next to the soda fountain. That's illegal, you know." *slowly shakes her head, not bothering to conceal a smile*

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Henry and Emmit

Emmit: "What's going on?" *his OLED eyes turn green* "People ignoring me, thankfully. I've been seeing the 14-Ks running back and forth down this street since last night, and usually those Triads stay inside their damn casino and take money from people like him." *points a thumb at the gambling worker* "They're probably after some asset who's trying to run away. You can't outrun a Triad who thinks you owe them money, Mr. Green Collar. There are 49ers sprinkled all over the city like rot on a Century Egg."

*He shows you the home page for Galaxy Entertainment Group, some legitimate business that happens to be funded by the 14-K.*

The site's narrated tour starts, but it's not very interesting- especially considering that that damn noise is in Henry's inner ear again. Some force you only vaguely remember pulses in you. Thud. Thud. God damn, does ego-casting hurt.

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*calls in a favor to help the

*calls in a favor to help the case-morph out* {Though I have no idea how i'd go about doing that exactly...}

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Henry opens the topic

Henry looks at them seeing them talking and says "So...you guys wanna hear my story on how I met Darul in this area?"

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"Oh, completely illegal.

"Oh, completely illegal. Wouldn't think about it." She nodded in agreement, eyes closed and arms crossed... "Oh, I'm a bit thirsty, want anything to drink?" She asked while meandering over towards the soda fountain, getting herself something to drink and plugging herself into the access jack, hacking and not thinking about it into the surveillance network of that arcade.

(Infosec 80)

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Nothing's getting done, might as well listen and have lunch

"So...you guys wanna hear my story on how I met Darul in this area?"

Hunter couldn't help but sigh. He was happy everyone was getting along and doing what they needed to do, but they really should have been pressing forward and investigating instead of idling around. However he'd gotten Chinese Food and Hoho was happily munching on some goodies she'd been given, so Hunter so no reason not to take a brief break to eat.

"Sure, why not? If we're going to sit around and eat we might as well talk while we're at it. No sense in saving this for later when we're busy investigating. So how did you two meet exactly?"

(Hunter takes no actions this turn seeing how everyone is doing something and is eating. He will sit, eat, and listen before trying to press everyone forward again)

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Draco rolls for connections

Draco rolls Networking: 50 or below

99, extremely not working

Argosy Network: < Philippe here… the New Shanghai branch is busy mapping the migration routes of haywire artificials. The whole "robot bee" thing sounded like it would be great for agricultural pollination back Before Fall, but no, no no. Uh, our electricity ration is spent for the time being, check back later today. Ciao! >

Well, whoop de shit. Looks like the Argonauts aren't helping here.

Draco's Muse: < Draco…? I think I could help, but I'm not sure I can do it while keeping your cover. Neither of us are supposed to be here. >

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I was going to play cool hacking music for this, but it's an arcade, so how about a flying opossum?


*Megara plugs in and uses her borrowed software to fake a username…*

Infosec, 80 or below

Device AI's passive Infosec: 40 or below
72, fail

Arcade: < Welcome, Patron. you have 0 events on schedule today. >

Ha, you're in… as a Guest. You'll need to push again to get security feed status, but it looks as if there's an actual security AI in charge of that, instead of a greeterbot. Plus it's going to take time… good thing you have a story to listen to.

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@Muse: How badly could it go?

@Muse: How badly could it go? I'm here to get my other 'cover' back after all..

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Calling in a favor?

Draco's Muse rolls Networking: Autonomists, 80% or below
44, critical success

*Anonymous accounts active*

Draco's… Muse? < Oy… oy, brothers. Lift up one of the clanking masses for a moment, and they'll be stronger in spirit. The synths will be free. >

??? < Rerouting power is simple enough. >

Emmit: "What the f- I have an hour of juice? Uh… thanks, guys. I thought I'd be on this street corner all week."

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*smiles and nods* no problem!

*smiles and nods* no problem! And.. if you're ever in the neighborhood.. just contact me, and i'll see what i can do to help!

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WARNING: Hacking Attempt!

Megara just continued to sit there, humming to herself a bit while she attempted to elevate herself to Admin access on the access point...

[Infosec 80]

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232's second turn

http://catchyourhare.com/diceroller/ use the password "rainingslush" to see past rolls

Infosec, 80%-30 for Admin status attempt

86, fail… Moxie might not help here either.

Security AI rolls opposed Infosec, 40 or below


Arcadebot: < AHEM. Too many wrong password guesses. Please wait while we check our systems. Shutdown in 1 minute. >

*The arcade's camera network is on Locked status. Care to brute force it while you can? Although, if you walk away now, you could probably look innocent enough…*

"Still and transfixed, the el/
ectric sheep are dreaming of your face..." -Talk Shows on Mute

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Emmit is thankful

Emmit: "Okay, I'll just insert this-" *waves his severed arm* "into the fabber down the street, at the auto shop. It should be in working condition in no time. Thanks, Argonaut, I'm not going to forget this."

*Draco's Corp-Net reputation has increased by 1. Mark that down now…*

Draco's Muse: < Uh, yeah, he did that. >

New Shanghai Notice Board: < Yo, is anyone else wondering why the sexbot in charge of the arcade prize counter is swearing inside the bathroom? >

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MEANWHILE, next to Cori

A nearby six years old human boy wanders up to Cori and tugs on her dress.

Boy: "Hey… Cori? You're my mom's friend, right? You're my mom's friend?"

Wait a minute, you know this kid. This is Howie Liang, of the Liang family. Cori buys groceries from Mrs. Liang most of the time!

Howie: “我的母亲是警察,我很害怕。” (My mother is with the police, and I'm scared.)

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Karla is helping too.

Karla: "I remember that day. Henry had just 'cast over to Mars, he gets really seasick from it so you can usually tell it's him. At first I thought he was a tourist who bought some armor to look tough, but he impressed me with all the stuff he knew about working a beer tap."

*She taps her head* "I wasn't just drinking either, I'm a bartender myself. I travel once in a while to see how other planets serve their booze, so I can bring all that sweet knowledge back to Extropia for my own business."

*She shows you an ad for the bar she works at, the perplexingly named Happy Dinosaur. The little .gif of a T-rex on the home page is a nice touch, very retro.*

"I wasn't very impressed with the bar, though. Their special that month was the Hop-A-Rita, sort of *squeezing motions with hands* this… fucking… margarita but made with a Martian Winter Ale* with the bottle still sticking out of the glass. It was like drinking rye bread through a straw."

*SolArchive: < Because of the thin air and perpetual low temperatures on Mars, most microbrews are winter ales, stouts and other dark brews. If you want a light summer ale, go to Venus. >

"Still and transfixed, the el/
ectric sheep are dreaming of your face..." -Talk Shows on Mute

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She quickly disconnects from

She quickly disconnects from the access port and casually walks away, deciding not to risk it... Besides, she could always try again later, once security calmed down.

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232 gets away safely!

The guy (supposed to be) running the prize counter pushes through the bathroom door and gets back to his station seconds after you leave. He's a dark haired, honey-skinned… by the look of the bioluminescent heart tattoo on his cheek and the "bolted-on" face, he'd be using a Pleasure Pod. Good chance that was just the last morph that was available… probably.

Counter Guy: "Fuck, FUCK. Eh, boss doesn't have to know… fuuuuck." *wipes his forehead with the sleeve of his windbreaker*

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ectric sheep are dreaming of your face..." -Talk Shows on Mute

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*summary post?*

{I think we need a 'new' summary post}

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Hhenry's story

Henry says "Yeah...but anyway here how it goes," as he begin his story.

"It all started like she says but as I was going to that bar, I decide to take a drink. During the same time Darul was with Cyril to find a new home but they have to keep moving from planet to planet as it is hard for them to survive even as bounty hunter. As I was drinking, I was still feeling seasick and suddenly I accidentally spill the beer onto Darul's t-shirt. Well..of course he gets upset and ask me to pay with a high sum of money. But I refuse as I try to reason with him and ends up getting a fight with him. Cyril on the other hand walk outside knowing the outcome and an hour later, we were kicked out of the bar (even though I pay for the damage.) Still despite that, Darul was impress that he never met a guy who could spar against him and we kinda chat while Cyril met with Karla who happens to check on me....Not sure why she doesn't want to stop our fight but I guess she has her own reasons. We have some talk in our ship and we decide to help them out with their debts in exchange they join our group. This is how Darul becomes our trainer and 'tanker' guy if you get what I mean,"

dracosilv dracosilv's picture


*thinks a bit*

@Henry: So... kinda a.. Love-hate relationship eh? You two love to hate each other?

*chuckles and winks at that*

All things aside, I think we've sat and chatted and chewed enough.. I mean we did come here to figure out more about our lucky-to-resleeve 'charge'...


@All: Sorry I was more.. whiny earlier.. I couldn't focus at all with the sensory overload i was experiencing earlier.. It made it hard to think of anything else.

*eats his food he was offered earlier, the scent and taste now not overwhelming due to the dampening 'patch' he installed earlier*

Man.. I didn't realize how much I needed that..

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A summary!

Mars is a strange place. The crowd's voices blend together here, American long A's next to the typewriter staccato of Cantonese shouting, with smooth German compound words in the background. Mechanical men heavily pace the sidewalks next to humans who resemble Greek statues decorated in neon, while an orang-utan stops to adjust their glasses. The people of New Shanghai advertise their talents, no matter how large or small they be. If you keep your head down and close your eyes for a moment, it's just like Earth used to be… that's a lie, of course. Nothing's going to be like Earth was, for better or for worse.

We still have the same damn problems, though. Problems like an old-school serial killer obsessed with their senseless manifesto. There's a old Wolf in New Shanghai, reveling in their glory as "Lucky" Luciano cowers, afraid to die twice.

Lucky isn't so innocent himself. He survived by having backups in strange places, and not the places he claimed they were at. Investigating his chateau might give you a clue where he went, but you'll have to get around the picket line where the Clanking Masses are protesting for their rights. Now that you think of it, add that to the biocon conspiracy theorists at the psych clinic and that's two protests going on today. At least the police have a reason to be so distracted.

Speaking of police, the NSPD station should probably have the killer's manifesto locked up in impound, or at least scanned and loaded to their Mesh. If one of you can convince them to give you a look, you might get some insight into WHY this happened, always welcome. Plus, Cori has been privately talking to Howie Liang, whose mother happens to be one of the suspects in the case and is currently in custody. She says it wasn't her, but most killers say that. Perhaps seeing the lineup might clear a few things up.

Actually, why not check out the crime scene itself? The game show studio is in chaos right now while everyone tries to figure out exactly what killed Lucky and how. Amazingly, it looks like Lucky's empty, mangled morph was untouched, and also you wish that the news would just post a nice headshot of him like they used to. 3rd party news blogs want to be edgy and truthy and stuff, even if it means showing a dead body. Yeah, how did multiple civilians get close enough to the scene to get a photo?

Looks like it's going to be a long and frustrating day. Man, you thought the future was going to be bright and chrome and easy.

Draco's Muse: < Well, you know what they say. >


Draco's Muse: < The future can't start without us. It's time to start brewing. >

[No seriously, it's time for the group to come to a consensus. What would you like to investigate next? The three options are the most obvious points, but any other ideas are appreciated.]

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*aimed aimlessness*

Hmm.. *commenting on the data dump I just got from my muse on the situation*

Okay.. the chateau and mob is probably gonna be there for a while.. you know how rowdy people can get...

And Cori's probably got the suspect-interview thing down pat...

And the 'manifesto' is probably gonna stay locked up like he/she/it should be...

I think our best bet is to figure out WHAT did lucky in.. both for the protection of lucky.. and of our own hides...

Hey guys?

*clears his throat* I think we should go see what did lucky in.. both to help protect him from further attempts... as well as to protect our own hides!

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Megara nodded in agreement

Megara nodded in agreement with Draco, arms folded as she sighed. "Yeah, definitely... I am wondering about what was going on in the Arcade, though. I mean, its right there." She gestured to it, shrugging. "But that's just me."

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Henry's team

Henry thinks for a moment "Hmm... I am not sure but is it ok to go with you, Draco? Not sure if I hear the mission correctly,"

As his other two members are discussing on who to join.

dracosilv dracosilv's picture
Sure! And what i meant

Sure! And what i meant earlier is that those other 'points' of interest, like say the riots, will still probably be there after we investigate Lucky's body.

thebluespectre thebluespectre's picture

That's three votes for investigating the studio out of five… unless Cross or BB wish to change the other player's minds, that's where everyone is going.

Are we okay with this decision?

"Still and transfixed, the el/
ectric sheep are dreaming of your face..." -Talk Shows on Mute

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[Yeah, of course I am XD]

[Yeah, of course I am XD]

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Traveling to Nytrondheim

Conductor: < Welcome aboard the Valles-New Shanghai Transit Maglev! We will be exiting the dome atmosphere shortly. Please keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times. Thank you. Bienvenido a bordo del Tránsito Maglev Valles-New Shanghai! Estaremos de salir de la atmósfera cúpula en breve. Por favor, mantenga los brazos y las piernas dentro del vehículo en todo momento. Gracias. 欢迎乘坐瓦勒斯 - 新上海交通磁悬浮!我们会在短期内退出的圆顶氛围。请保持你的胳膊和腿在车内时刻。谢谢。>

the train car is stuffed with workers both high and low class, jumpsuits and neckties stacked next to each other. When you work kilometers away from your apartment, you take the damn train no matter what. A few of the passengers are staring at your weapons, but they seem to be brushing it off.

Conductor: < Your in-transit entertainment will begin shortly! Please listen to some words from our sponsors. Su entretenimiento en tránsito se iniciará en breve! Por favor, escucha unas palabras de nuestros patrocinadores. 您在途娱乐即将开始!请听我们的赞助商的一些话。>

Advertisement: Scene: A bustling park in Olympus. A grinning mother and father are watching their son play on the playground. If any of you are swapping notes, the family's skin tone always matches the shade of your own morph. Customized ads, great.

< We make investments in our future every day. At Solaris International Bank, we have the safest and most secure investments in the system. When preparing for your future, always have a friend to depend on. Solaris: We're everywhere you ought to be. >

Advertisement: A montage of attractive young people hanging out as they tap messages into their Ecto handhelds. Each of them is using a different phone case to shield their computer. The music starts with a solitary kazoo looking at a plain, naked Ecto, then picks up more instruments as the designs become more elaborate. Hunter's ad replaces the plain one at the beginning with a scan of his own (actually fairly elaborate) case. H-hey!

< Lucky Star Electronics: Express yourself. >

*the train jolts as it takes off.*

"Still and transfixed, the el/
ectric sheep are dreaming of your face..." -Talk Shows on Mute

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OOF! *is knocked to my rear*

Jeez.. give a guy some warning why don'tcha?

And... I really didn't get what that ad was all about.. *scratches my head as I get back to my feet*

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Gloria butts in

*Gloria shifts her smart clothing into a faux-leather jacket and jeans*

Gloria: "I'll tell you what those ads were, Ruster. They were LAME!" *pfft* "Nobody ways to be told what to want. They want to think they decided what they want by themselves, aaaaand-" *points at herself* "-they want to be a part of the advertising. That's where I come in."

*She links you to an ad…*

Advertisement: Scene: XP footage form the view of an Olympus citizen. She's pacing back and forth in her courtyard, annoyed at the hacked-up state of her topiary display, holly bushes that were once much more dignified.

Lady: < Well, what do you MEAN the nano-cameras didn't pick up anything? As in they were tampered with? > *fingers on her temple* < No intruders at all. That doesn't happen. There should have been footage of at least a squirrel or a pizza drone, they react to ALL movement. My bushes were- >

She turns her eyes towards the bushes, and the footage slows to a crawl. Each of the holly bushes were meticulously carved with what appears to be carefully aimed burning and cauterization. The topiary doesn't look quite like animals; sort of abstract, angular shapes, asymmetrical. A stream of what looks like code scrolls across the screen in half a second.

Draco rolls Interface

65, pass

*That wasn't code at all, but it wasn't the usual fake-code that artists or children add to drawings. It had a clear English message buried in the garbage… "Chatterton Street". A street in the Martian city of Olympus, named after famed colonist William C. Chatterton…*

Lady: < And I need the replacement shrubs delivered yesterday! Yes, invent time travel if you have to. Asshole. > *transmission ends*

Gloria: "Neat commercial, huh? The message at the end of the clues was already found like two years ago, but you get the idea. And no, I'm not gonna tell you the next part. It's already on ExCast if you want to look it up."

Conductor: < Attention, everyone. We've arrived at Nytrondheim Maglev Station. Please wait until the train comes to a complete stop before exiting the car. Thank you and have a great day. Atención todo el mundo. Hemos llegado a la estación de Maglev Nytrondheim. Por favor, espere hasta que el tran llega a una parada completa antes de salir del coche. Gracias y que tenga un gran día. 注意,每一个人。我们已经到达Nytrondheim磁悬浮车站。请等到火车来到一个完全停止在退出前车。谢谢你,有一个伟大的日子。>

*With a hum and a screech, the train stops…*

"Still and transfixed, the el/
ectric sheep are dreaming of your face..." -Talk Shows on Mute

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Welcome to Nero Studios!

…It's like you stepped into the factory where dreams are made.

Nero Studios is a relatively small backlot, and a densely-packed backlot. As you pass through the gate, the smart-material façade on the side of a building changes from a weathered brick factory to a row of ionic columns. It's taking a long while, of course, and there's no way that didn't cost at least 10,000 C-notes, but damn. And you thought they just used AR skins to sim everything these days.

The crowd around the lot parts as three men in Roman hoplite armor get into position at the set. The lighting is very shady and moody.

Something very intriguing about this crowd… mostly biomorphs, by which I mean mostly "humans". The sole visible exception seems to be a large-nosed Bonobo ape in a yellow blouse and red skirt, who is visibly distressed. She shouts into an Ecto and growls.

The crime scene itself… the Castle of Peril has been taped off (by an AR border, but still), with at least four stoic-looking NSPD cops guarding the area. They've set up a privacy screen to keep the… rather gruesome scene under wraps, and they're wearing their kevlar vests OUTSIDE their uniforms to show they mean business. A motorcycle is autonomously rolling by itself near them, conspicuously running on silent electric engine only.

"Still and transfixed, the el/
ectric sheep are dreaming of your face..." -Talk Shows on Mute

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Gloria... I have no CLUE what

Gloria... I have no CLUE what you just linked me to.. Cut up shrubbery? Hidden messages?

*furrows my brow and shakes my head slightly dismissively*

Now's not the time for look-at-mes.. its time to get down to business and cut through the chatter!

*strides forwards towards the NSPD cops, arms casually at my side and not making any sudden movements and introduces myself to their 'leader'*