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Full Defense question

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Full Defense question
Quick Question about Full Defense: "Full Defense If you’re expecting to come under fire, you can expend a Complex Action to go on full defense. This represents that you are expending all of your energy to dodge, duck, ward off attacks, and otherwise get the hell out of the way until your next Action Phase. During this time, you receive a +30 modifier to defend against all incoming attacks. Characters who are on full defense may use Freerunning rather than Fray skill to dodge attacks, representing the gymnastic movements they are making to avoid being hit." Mechanical questions: 1. Does +30 modifier applies before cutting Fray in half vs range attack (for example 70 Fray + 30 = 110. 110:2=55 Skill Test vs Range) or after (so 70:2=35 but I have +30 bonus from Full Defense against attacks so 35+30=65 Skill Test vs Range). 2. You may use Freerunning instead of Fray- is Freerunning also cut in half vs range attack then? 3. In Zero-G or microgravity- I guess you may use Freefall rather than Fray skill to dodge attacks, yes? And same for Climbing skill when during climbing, Flight when durring flying etc.? 4. "+30 modifier to defend against all incoming attacks" does that also means vs viruses, psi, toxins, hacking attempts etc. or only against physcial attacks like ranged and melee? Thanks in advance.
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To answer some of your questions...
http://eclipsephaserules.wikia.com/wiki/Defaulting Suggests that, if the game master allows it, you can use related skills with a -30 modifier.
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1. After 2. Dunno 3.Only physical
1. IMO modifier is applied after fray is cut in half. Similar to apptitude tests like SOMx3 +30 or REFx2 2. I would very much like to know that too. Devs should clarify that. So far it's been up to GM adjudication to determine if it's appropriate. For example if there is cover to duck behind or walls to parkour off. 3. I believe it is only against attacks that you can resist with Fray. There is a move called Psi Full Defense where you bolster yourself against psi attacks. Also equivalent of Infosec Full Defense is just constantly monitoring your mesh for intrusion. Which is most of the time better than default muse with 30 Infosec.
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