French newbie looking for an IM group

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French newbie looking for an IM group

So, I'm looking for a Eclipse Phase group, preferably by IM. English's not an issue - at least, I have little to no problem understanding it.

The few experiences I have about pen-and-paper RPGs are from D&D 3.5 games, half of them being just a bunch of high school students bashing each others about how poor gamemasters they make, so I can still be considered as a novice player. I am however no stranger to some of EP's concept, having played a few (kind of) hard sci-fi games and read Peter Watts' works among a few others.

As a student, my schedule is pretty malleable, and I'm almost always available on week-ends, though GMT+1 might be an issue.

If you think I might fit, post here or send me a PM!