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Free Range Darkcast: Open-Source Mods

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Free Range Darkcast: Open-Source Mods
Axel_Chimeric@FreeRangeDarkcast [hr] Friends! Martians! Spacemen! Lend me your ears! Or, for my Uplift friends swimming through cyberpsace, your statocysts will do just as well. Now, all you well-wishers listenin' in, it's getting to that time of year when those of us up here on the ol' Coaggie are all starting to check out the latest fashions from the Skinaesthesia catalogue and get all starry-eyed over the latest things in making ourselves just that much prettier and pissing off the Jovians just that little bit more. Being the Space Gypoes that we are, none of us buy anything. Most of our credits, what few we get, go to paying to keep this old flying blood clot in orbit. All the same, we've got a nanovat and a few engineers up here, so we have all the tech to deploy our own prepackaged biomod setup that we get off the mesh. Still, I hate to say it, but what we've got ain't much. There's not much of a thriving open source community for those of us who have the Planetary Consortium breathing down our necks. PC brown shirts tend to shut down anyone putting up the good stuff under grounds of "violating copyright". Feh. Most of the fun stuff tends to come from Titan anyway, these days... Anyway, before I start cryin' tears into my beer, let's hear some cheer! As someone whose very own tail was made using open source mods, I put the question out to you, the people: What's your experience with Open Source modding? Good? Bad? Ugly? Did you get what you paid for? And, hey, while we're at it, open up the floor to any other thoughts on mods. How far will you go with your morph?
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Re: Free Range Darkcast: Open-Source Mods
How far am I willing to go? As far as necessary. The ends justify the means. Open source modding is just one of the many tools I can use to help advance my position, and take me that much closer to my stated goal of finding that second singularity. I modify my own morph through open source, to fit my own needs, to accomplish what I want it to. No modification is too extreme to justify becoming posthuman: you can't achieve godhood and a second singularity by depending upon hypercorp "benefactors" giving you hand out; dependence is anathema to the very concept of the singularity. That sort of complacency is why those transhumans in the inner system will never make anything of themselves.
"If we succeed, we're geniuses for doing it. If we fail, we're stupid for trying it. If we succeed beyond our goal and our dreams, we're insane for reaching so high and getting there."
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Re: Free Range Darkcast: Open-Source Mods
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Re: Free Range Darkcast: Open-Source Mods
Myrmidont@Δ.green.exonet.1a994d4gs9:1212131 To Axel_Chimeric@FreeRangeDarkcast [hr] I am entirely satisfied with the various open-source hardware that I run. It pays to check the reps of the people who wrote the stuff - I find Argonaut authors do some of the best work. Oh, and don't get attached those user-friendly AR-GUIs most 'corp gear uses - get ready to fill your buffers with code tweaks and version updates. While OS gear may not be standardised, what it lacks in user-friendliness, it makes up for in flexibility: Someone, somewhere, (probably while bored out of their minds) has already written a recoil-minimising feedback routine for a smart-linked PeaceBreaker v1.1.5 handgun wielded by a Cyberarm+ with a Skinlink. You just have to find it.
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Re: Free Range Darkcast: Open-Source Mods
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I think that Open Source
I think that Open Source modificiations are an inevitable step towards progress. Some of the best gear and XP feeds were made available to me due to Open Source goods. Without it, I'd never have experienced so many pieces of great fiction. But it does have its price. I lived on Mars and seen many people's work get uploaded to the Mesh. They get lots of Rep if their work is good and entertaining, but that won't matter much if you live in a Consortium hab and you still need to pay the bills somehow. Us Anarchists are not restricted, and we have more incentive to put love and effort into our works. Some of the best Open Source work can be found in the Outer System and among the Autonomists. I hate to say it, but some security technologies by Cognite work wonders for Infolife and AGI modifications. I understand that you might feel guilty for using something made by Consortium blood money, but keep in mind that uploading their blueprints to the Mesh hurts them right in the pocketbook, the lifeblood of capitalism. I know a Martian robotics operator, alias is Telemachus, who makes some excellent cyberware implants. He puts most of his blueprints online, but since he lives in a Transitional Economy he's not necessarily living off of his work. Sometimes if I really like his products and can spare the effort, I acquire some Credits to send over to his account as an act of goodwill. I recommend that you do this for people living in Inner System Economies as well, if you appreciate their work.
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