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Free Range Darkcast: Celebrities - Getting famous or die trying (again and again and again)

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Free Range Darkcast: Celebrities - Getting famous or die trying (again and again and again)
Axel_Chimeric@FreeRangeDarkcast[br] [hr] As a wise man once said, "A black cat crossing your path signifies that the animal is going somewhere." That has nothing to do with the topic at hand, but he's famous, so it really doesn't matter. Something happens when you spend most of your time in a decades-old tin can orbiting a red world around 225 million kilometers from the place you were born: Rocket Man ceases to be in the least bit enjoyable as a song. You also end up realizing that, after you've orbited a few thousand times, you want to do other things. As your friendly eye-in-the-sky, fishing for important tidbits of news of world-shattering importance, I naturally come across details on celebrities. Yes, we can figure out ways to transfer our minds between bodies, travel to other worlds, and survive the apocalypse, but we still like to learn about some mere mortal, like any of us, had for breakfast because his personal gift is pretending to be a gun-toting stoic for the cameras. Me? Bitter? Oh, goslings, you misunderstand. We all have our favourites; they're just the people who do the things that amuse you the most. They only become celebrities when enough people admire them. They are the nuclear pile, you the neutrons firing that eventually make them go critical, until their own fame propels them to even greater fame. So, dear-hearts, which particular piece of cultural fissile material do you cling to? Why? What particular trends do you follow? If I were to write down a little book on your life (oh, the things we can do with nano-technology; I have the entire English dictionary written on the sole of my right foot, because my neighbour doesn't know to activate the hermetic seals on his door when he takes Buzz), and I were writing under Interests, just whose names would I be printing? Or maybe you want to be celebrities yourselves? How will you do that, hm? Any notable failures to report? Be honest, goslings. "Actors" and "actresses" like King Flagpole and Venus de Venus didn't become household names because of their winning smiles.
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Re: Free Range Darkcast: Celebrities - Getting famous or die ...
Source: Celio, Palembeng; Elysium @FreeRangeDarkcast I would peel the synth-skin off my morph with my own hands for the chance to see Wlodzislaw Wieslaw in a death match on Parvarti. In meat space I mean. I might just have a sliver of nostalgia from way back when I had a meaty coating that went the whole way down but there's nothing like a real old fashioned beating. It's not just the violence, it's the quality. Any bunch of egos with some spare splicers can beat each other to death; it's about the artistry you get from somebody like Wieslaw. Changing jobs cut my funds so I'm way behind on his XPs (Parvarti, what're you gonna do?) but I get what I can. You know the little wrist twist he does when he's connecting with the bottom rib to get the whole cage to kinda turn? I can't do it. Thousands of credit in synthetic morph design and I just can't quite get my wrist to do that. I heard a rumor it's a special bioware mod he gets put into his morphs that isn't on the market. Man I could go on for hours about that guy.
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Re: Free Range Darkcast: Celebrities - Getting famous or die ...
I join your network and you make a topic about celebrities? How sweet axel. Maybe i'll pop around you sometime in the next couple months, where you been crashing up the gates, I've been thinking about hitting up fissure for the next game of capture the flag, maybe we can meet up. Anyways, enough about that. I don't think it should surprise anyone my favorite celebrities(besides the amazing and wonderful malika of course), are stage magicians. There's always houdini as a classic fallback to mention, but i'm partial to sorcar, though my real inspiration is the golden age of stage magic after wide spread AR use, there's just too many greats during that era to really single out any one. Shame what happened to the art afterwards as the AR use became too endemic. Also, i like me some Gaga.
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Re: Free Range Darkcast: Celebrities - Getting famous or die ...
Source: Zheng; Elysium, Mars. @ Celio Man I freaking hear you there. Wieslaw is a badass no doubt. I got to catch a match of his when I was ghostriding with my old boss. Here I'll send you the latest XP I managed to get my hands on. Glad to see someone else is a fan. -- Most of the popular actors and actresses don't impress me much. Following their exploits is sort of what I do though. So other than for data collection purposes I can't bring myself to care much. I do enjoy live art. Theatre, street musicians, opera, etc. etc. Which is funny I guess, seeing as I do vid games and such. Nothing beats seeing something done in meatspace though. I especially like musicians. Anyone who still plays live. Especially Uplifts! Any uplift that can play an instrument is alright by me. There aren't any I can name off the top of my head though. Sometimes, I'll sleeve myself into a splicer or a case or something and listen to street performers in the poor parts of various habs. There's some real talent there. Even do X-Casts of watching their performances. Its a bit of a niche market I guess, but it gets me some funds. One pops to mind is a girl who plays Erhu on Gerlach. Fantastic player, sleeved into a flat! Manual dexterity of the like I've rarely seen even on heavily modded morphs. And just a bit down the way was an octomorph rocking out on a hammer dulcimer! I can't even figure how it managed even get one! I should look into sending some recordings to some folks. People like that deserve recognition. That stage magic stuff sounds kind of interesting. Might have to check it out. --
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Style is the art of
Style is the art of circumnavigating shallow fashions and sailing straight past the short-lived trends that are dished out to drive the Herd into a consumerist craze. I care little for what some hypercorp propaganda declares to be in or out. I seek glimmers of aesthetic beauty - and more often than not, I find it in unsuspected corners. My greatest passion will always be literature in all of its forms: I love what our species has done with the medium of language, and I continue to explore its boundaries.